opera browser failed to install

Did encounter Opera browser failed to install error whenever you want to update or install your Opera web browser? You are not alone.

In some cases, the Opera installer just lags in the Downloading state for about 20 minutes, and nothing ever happens. In other cases, users have reported that after running the installer, and waiting for it to load for a good amount of time, they get this error.

A wide number of users have reported problems with this very issue, and even though the developers at Opera didn’t release an official fix, we will explore some potential solutions in this article.

How can I fix Opera browser failed to install error? This issue occurs because there’s a problem with the setup file. The quickest way to fix the issue is to download Opera offline installer and use it to install the application.

The offline installer doesn’t use the Internet connection to download files, so you should be able to install the browser without any issues.

What to do if Opera isn’t installing on Windows 10?

Install Opera through the offline installer

Some users have managed to circumvent this error by downloading the official Opera offline installer, and following the on-screen instructions like you would do it normally.

  1. Click here to download the Opera Offline Installer (will automatically open the download page).
  2. Select where you want to download the Opera Installer, then click on Save.download browser opera browser failed to install
  3. After the download is complete, click on the executable file to run it.run setup file opera browser failed to install
  4. This will open up the installer. In the case you want to customize the installation of Opera on your PC, you can click on Options.installation options opera browser failed to install
  5. Here you can change the Language, installation location, and also the default settings for your browser. To start the installation, click the Install button.install opera opera browser failed to install
  6. The installation process will now start. Once it is finished, you will be able to start Opera and start browsing the internet without any issues.

In this article we explored a quick fix for the Opera browser failed to install error. Using this method you will surely be able to fix this problem with ease.

However, if you still can’t install Opera on your computer, we suggest downloading UR Browser.

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