5 Ways to Fix Outlook if It’s Not Blocking Junk Mail

Block those pesky junk emails in Outlook with these simple steps

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  • If Outlook is not blocking junk mail, you can fix that by adjust Junk email options.
  • Adjusting the filter setting can fix Outlook’s spam filter not working.
  • Users can also reduce Outlook junk mail by setting up whitelists and blacklists for email addresses.

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Outlook has a Junk Email folder for spam messages users have no interest in reading. When Outlook’s filter works correctly, it blocks spam from your inbox by sending it to that folder.

However, sometimes Outlook doesn’t effectively block spam. Sometimes Outlook keeps sending emails to the junk folder on its own.

When Outlook isn’t blocking junk emails, users’ inboxes fill up with unwanted spam messages. Then users have to manually erase more unwanted mail.

Has your Outlook inbox filled up with junk mail? If so, this is how you can fix Outlook when it’s not blocking spam.

Why is Outlook not blocking my junk mail?

In most cases, Outlook doesn’t effectively block junk mail because its filtering has not been correctly configured. You may need to adjust some junk email options to fix Outlook not blocking spam.

On rare occasions, bugs can also break Outlook’s email filtering. Such bugs can arise after Microsoft rolls out updates for its Office applications. The big M usually acknowledges bug issues on its service health status pages.

How do I permanently block junk mail in Outlook?

1. Add trusted senders to Outlook’s safe sender list

  1. Click Junk button on Outlook’s Home tab.
  2. Click Junk E-mail Options on the submenu.
  3. Select the Safe Senders tab on the Junk Email Options window.
    Safe Senders tab outlook not blocking junk mail
  4. Press the Add button.
  5. Input the email addresses of trusted senders.
  6. Select the Also trust email from my Contacts checkbox.
    Also trust email from my Contacts option outlook not blocking junk mail
  7. Click Apply to save Outlook’s new sender settings.
  8. Press the Junk Email Options window’s OK button.

2. Add spam email addresses to Outlook’s blocked senders

  1. Click the Junk button in the Home tab. Nest, select Junk Email Options.
  2. Click Blocked Senders on that window.
    Blocked Senders tab outlook not blocking junk mail
  3. Select the Add option.
  4. Enter the addresses specified at the top of junk emails received.
  5. Click Apply and OK to save.
Note icon
If you frequently receive marketing spam from the same sources, you may be able to unsubscribe from their email listings. Look for and select unsubscribe links near the bottom of spam emails.

3. Select the High filter option

  1. In the Home tab, select Junk. Next, navigate to Junk Email Options.
  2. Click the Options tab.
  3. Select the High: Most junk email is caught radio button.
    High option outlook not blocking junk mail
  4. Next, select the recommended Disable links and Warn me about suspicious domain names boxes.
  5. Select Apply to save the options.
  6. Click OK to close the Junk Email Options window.

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Adjusting Outlook 365 junk mail settings is one of the fastest and best ways to fix this issue, so we encourage you to try it.

4. Set up a new rule to prevent Outlook spam

  1. Click File at the top of Outlook’s window.
  2. Press the Manage Rules & Alerts button.
    Manage Rules & Alerts button outlook not blocking junk mail
  3. Click the New Rule button.
    New Rule option outlook not blocking junk mail
  4. Select the Move messages from someone to a folder template, and click Next.
    Move messages option outlook not blocking junk mail
  5. Adjust the rule’s conditions to suit your requirements in the Rules Wizard window.
    Rules Wizard outlook not blocking junk mail
  6. Click specified in the Edit the rule description box.
  7. Select the Spam location in the Rules and Alerts window, and click the OK button.
  8. Press the Finish button in Rules Wizard.

5. Set a standard junk mail filter in Outlook.com

  1. Press the Settings button at the top of Outlook.com.
  2. Click the View all Outlook settings option.
    View all Outlook settings option outlook not blocking junk mail
  3. Select Mail and then go to Junk email to view Outlook.com’s spam settings.
  4. Then select the Only trust email from addresses in my Safe senders and domain lists option.
    Only trust email from addresses checkbox outlook not blocking junk mail
  5. Click the Block attachments, pictures, and links checkbox to select that option.
  6. Press the Settings window’s Save button.

After adjusting Outlook.com junk mail settings, check if the problem is still there.

How does Outlook’s Junk Email Filter work?

Outlook’s Junk Email Filter works by scanning emails’ headers, addresses, and message contents. The header analysis is often enough to identify spoof (spam) messages.

If any aspect of an email looks suspicious, Outlook’s Junk Email Filter redirects it to the Junk Email folder. Outlook automatically deletes all junk messages there after 30 days.

Increasing Outlook’s junk email protection level, expanding its safe sender list, and setting specific filter rules can drastically reduce spam. So, try applying those potential solutions if your Outlook inbox includes far too many junk emails than it should.

We hope that these solutions helped you fix the problem with Outlook and junk mail on your PC. Keep in mind that this isn’t the only issue, and many reported that Outlook emails are stuck in outbox.

Did you manage to find a different solution for this problem? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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