10+ best script writing software for Windows [2021 Guide]

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best script writing tools

There are many great text editors and Office tools that users use for writing every day. However, if you’re a professional writer and you’re writing a script, you might want to use a more sophisticated tool. There are many useful tools that can help you write a script, and today we’re going to show you the best script writing software for Windows 10.

What is the best script writing software for Windows 10?


Celtx is simple and free script writing software that offers basic features in the Free version. The Free version allows you to import scripts in variety of formats, and there’s also support for mobile devices so you can edit the script even if you’re on the go.

The Free version offers only the basic features, but other versions support index cards, auto-formatting and ability to share scripts. The Premium versions also support script revisions, script insights, storyboards, script breakdown, scheduling, etc.

Celtx is a solid script writing tool, but in the Free version it offers only the most basic features. We have to mention that Free version is limited to only 3 projects, which is a major limitation in our opinion. As for other versions, they offer more advanced features, but they all come with annually or monthly fee.

Final Draft

If you want a professional script writing software, you should consider Final Draft. This is one of the best-selling screenwriting applications in the world, and it works on both Windows and Mac platform.

The application allows you to collaborate with another writer in real-time making the writing process faster than before. There’s also a Story Map feature that allows you to outline acts and scenes. Speaking of new features, there’s also a Beat Board and Alternate Dialogue feature as well.

We also have to mention that Final Draft comes with 100 different templates you can use for your projects. The application automatically formats and paginates your projects allowing you to focus entirely on writing. There’s also a Formatting Assistant feature that inspects your formatting for any errors.

Final Draft also allows you to easily import scripts from other word-processing applications, and thanks to the automatic file backup you won’t lose any unsaved data. The application has a built-in navigator so you can navigate to a specific character or scene with ease. Of course, there’s a scene view and index card feature available as well.

To make the writing process faster, there’s a Smart Type feature that will automatically add character names or locations as you type. The application also has a powerful find and replace feature as well as Character Highlighting allowing you to see characters’ dialogues in different colors.

Final Draft is an amazing script writing software and it offers a wide array of features for professional screenwriters. The application is available for a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, you’ll need to purchase a license.


If you’re looking for a free script writing software, you should seriously consider Trelby. This software is released under GPL license, and it’s available for both Windows and Linux. The application forces the correct script format and pagination, but it also offers auto-completion and spell checking making the writing process more straightforward.

Trelby also has several writing views including draft view, WYSIWYG and fullscreen mode. There’s also a built-in name database that has more than 200 000 names from various countries. Another great feature is the ability to compare scripts, so you can easily see changes between two different versions.

Trelby supports importing and you can import scripts from Final Draft, Celtx, Fountain, Adobe Story, and Fade In Pro. Of course, several export formats are available so you can easily export your script.

Trelby is a great script writing software and it offers solid features to its users. Even though the application doesn’t offer some advanced features like other entries on our list, it’s completely free, so be sure to try it out.


Many applications offer cloud support, and if you’re looking for script writing software with cloud integration, you might want to consider this tool. The application offers industry-standard formatting, page-locking and revision drafts. WriterDuet supports file import so you can easily import files from other script writing applications such as Final Draft, Celtx and Fountain. It’s also worth mentioning that you can import PDF files directly to WriterDuet.

Thanks to the cloud support, the application offers collaboration, and you can have any number of writers working on a script at any time. It’s worth mentioning that the application supports index cards as well as revisions, so you can easily revert any change.

WriterDuet is a solid application, but the Free version has some limitations. Most notable is the lack of dedicated desktop application, meaning that you can’t edit your script offline with the Free version. This version can also save up to three scripts, which is also a major limitation for some users. On the other hand, The Pro version removes these limitations and it offers both desktop and mobile applications. We also have to mention that the Pro version supports PDF watermarks, auto-save feature as well as Dropbox and Google Drive backups.

WriterDuet is a solid application, but if you want to get access to all of its features, you’ll need to purchase the Pro version.

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