Share Files Securely in Windows 8, Windows 10 with ShareFile

By: John Nedelcu
3 minute read

File sharing has become a mundane task in the last few years, and with services like DropBox, YouSendIt, SkyDrive and similar ones, the possibilities are endless. And although these services are very good, there are others out there that work very well and offer users awesome features. One such service is ShareFile by Citrix, a service that has made a name for itself by offering users top notch file sharing services.

Citrix have recently launched their Windows 8, Windows 10 ShareFile app, which can be downloaded for free from the Windows Store and used pretty much like the desktop client we all know, but with some added features that were available on the web interface.

Overview of ShareFile by Citrix


After installing the app, users will have to log in to their accounts in order to gain access to their files. The login screen has a clean and simple look, with no graphics and most importantly, no ads. This clean interface is found everywhere within the app, making look very professional. Also, the lack of useless graphics and ads benefit the user by making for easier navigation experience.

All the different buttons of the app are are carefully placed in order to create a better environment for the user to work in and it seems that the developers have put a lot of work in the design of the app, creating a user interface that is also pleasing to watch, but also easy to work with. No element seems out of its place and they all come together to create a gorgeous app.


Navigation throughout the app is not something out of the ordinary, and being a version of the Modern UI file browser makes it look familiar to users. Also, as part of the UI, users have a search bar as well as Account and App Settings (these features are also accessible via the Charms Bar). Other options like Folder Settings, Add Folder, Upload Files, Delete or Send can be brought up by right clicking anywhere on the screen.

Individual files can be downloaded from the app as well, a feature that some other services have not integrated in their Windows 8, Windows 10 apps, and also, users can send files easily from within the app just by opening a file and right clicking on it. From here, all they have to do is fill in the recipient’s email address and they are ready to go (sharing is also possible via the Charms Bar ).

Furthermore, the app works very fast, and during our tests, we were surprised that the upload and download tasks finished without a hitch and with no compromise in the app’s overall performance. We would have liked to see some file management options within the app, such as the possibility to organize files in folders and move files from one location to another.


Although this is not a major drawback, we hope that the feature will be added in future updates. Other than this, we were very pleased with ShareFile by Citrix and we gladly recommend the app to every Windows 8, Windows 10 user. It has proven to be one of the best Windows 8, Windows 10 file sharing apps we’ve tested so far and its gorgeous design and great features will not go unnoticed by users.
A top notch app for a top notch service!

Download ShareFile by Citrix for Windows 10, Windows 8

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