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  • Many things can cause Slack screen sharing to stop working during your video calls.
  • You can easily fix this by using third-party plugins that have screen-sharing features.
  • Using a remote control tool will also help if your Slack screen sharing is not working.
  • Communicate with your team or class by using other standalone meeting software.
Slack screen sharing not working
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A lot of devs relied on Slack screen sharing functionality for remote pairing, yet they are now unable to use this feature. Is there any way to solve these screen-sharing issues?

It’s time for a quick update on that matter. At one point, the screen sharing feature became available for the paid version of the Slack desktop apps for Mac and Windows.

Business teams, freelancers, and clients used to work together as if they were in the same room, yet now it is no longer possible.

Slack decided to remove the ability to share control of your screen during a call.

This was a complex feature requiring significant overhead to maintain, so they’ve come up with some alternative options for the current lack of a Slack screen sharing functionality.

What can I do if Slack is unable to share screen?

1. Screen sharing on paid plans via BlueJeans

  1. Install the BlueJeans app for Slack.
  2. Start and join BlueJeans calls from Slack.
  3. Feel free to launch BlueJeans to use remote screen control and Slack screen sharing.

BlueJeans is worth checking out if you were relying on Slack. That’s a popular meetings platform that makes teams more productive thanks to various remote desktop control features.

Screen sharing on all paid plans is clearly possible. The only requirement is that both participants are on the same version of the BlueJeans app or using the browser.

2. Zoom app for Slack

  1. Install the Zoom app for Slack.
  2. Start or join a call from Slack.
  3. Once you’re on a call, you can open Zoom.
  4. Easily share control of your screen if you’d like.

Starting a meeting, booking it, and sharing content are all possible with Zoom’s free plan offers. Sharing and remote screen control work flawlessly on both their desktop client and app.

3. Use AnyDesk to connect remotely

  1. Download and open AnyDesk.Share
  2. your ID to the person you want to work with.
  3. They will enter it under Remote Desk.
  4. Wait for the guest to send a session request.
  5. Set your permissions, and accept the request.

AnyDesk is a remote control software that can be used as a screen sharing tool instead of Slack. You won’t have to worry about compatibility, because it runs on every device.

The software will make it easy to share content and projects between coworkers, and help them without having to physically be there.

3. Join Slack calls via GoToMeeting

Slack screen sharing GoToMeeting
  1. Download the GoToMeeting desktop app.
  2. Install it.
  3. Start or join a call from Slack at your convenience.
  4. Enjoy screen sharing as you normally would.

Another service having a Slack app you can use to start or join calls from Slack is GoToMeeting. Keep in mind that you must subscribe to a paid plan.

What are your thoughts on this whole Slack situation? Slack is very popular, but not having native screen sharing is rough. Are you willing to try any of the above alternatives to solve that?

In case of any other reliable alternatives you know of, don’t hesitate to reach for the comments section below.

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