Sometimes you might have to click the same button over and over due to certain reasons. This is incredibly tedious, but today we’re going to show you a few applications that can automate clicks on your PC.

What's the best software to automate mouse clicks?


GS Auto Clicker

gs auto clicker automate mouse clicks
One of the first solutions that we suggest you try to automatically click on PC is GS Auto Clicker. This is a free program for Windows that allows you to automate clicks on your computer in an extremely easy and intuitive way while allowing you to customize the number and types of clicks.

Once you install the application, it will sit in the systray and you can start it simply by clicking it. You can record multiple mouse clicks if you want and set them to run simply by pressing the F8 key by default.

Of course, you can set which mouse button you want to use to click as well as an interval between clicks. It’s also worth mentioning that you can assign double-clicks as well.

It’s worth mentioning that you can repeat the entire clicking sequence a number of times, or you can keep repeating it indefinitely until you press the keyboard shortcut.

Overall, GS Auto Clicker is an incredibly simple but powerful tool, and it’s completely free, so be sure to try it out.

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Auto Mouse Click

auto mouse click automate mouse clicks

Another solution that we recommend for trying to click automatically is Free Mouse Clicker. As its name suggests, is a free software to automate various actions to be performed with the mouse, including repeated clicks.

Just like the previous entry on our list, this application allows you to set the desired time interval between each click.

To start automatic mouse clicks, you just need to press the keyboard shortcut and you’re good to go. If needed, you can change the shortcut so it fits your needs better.

Of course, you can easily change the type of mouse click as well as a mouse button which allows you to create some interesting combinations.

The interface has a useful table that allows you to view all your clicks in a sequence which is incredibly useful if you want to create complex automated sequences.

Overall, this is a useful application, and it’s free, so be sure to try it out.

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Mouse Controller

mouse controller automate mouse clicks

Mouse Controller is another program for Windows that allows you to automate clicks to be done with the mouse.

The application requires .NET Framework 4.6 runtime, and it’s important to mention that the portable version is also available, so you won’t even have to install the program in order to run it.

The application uses keyboard shortcuts to record mouse clicks, and you can use the shortcut to automate the recorded mouse clicks. Of course, you can set the delay between individual mouse clicks or delay between the intervals.

If needed, you can set the whole mouse interval to repeat itself a number of times.

Overall, this is an incredibly simple application, and with the portable version available, there’s no reason not to try it.

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There you go, these are just a couple of applications that can automate mouse clicks on your PC. All these applications are free to use, so feel free to try any of them.