Top 4 software that remind you to take breaks regularly

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  • Increasing productivity has a lot of benefits. Basically you can do more things, without an increase in time spent doing them. It's a win-win situation.
  • Taking really small breaks but often might seem counter-intuitive at first but the studies show it's a very good habit for our brain. Using software that reminds us to take those breaks makes this easier. See our top recommendations.
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Working for too long at a stretch can have its toll on both your mental and physical health. While that applies to all types of work, this is perhaps particularly true for those who have to spend long hours in front of the computer monitor.

This is damaging for your eyes besides being taxing on your brain as well. That is not all as having to maintain the same posture for too long can leave you with strained back muscles and so on.

Fortunately, there are tech solutions available to set things right in the form of apps that acts to remind you to take a break from work at regular intervals.

Best tools that remind you to take breaks from work


Stretchly software that reminds you to take breaks

The app is designed to remind you to take both micro-breaks or those of longer duration. The app will serve you a pop-up that will show when the next break is due, and then again when it is time to actually take the break.

The micro breaks will be after every 10 mins and last 20 seconds or so while the longer breaks will be after every 30 mins where you will be asked to remain off of your PC for at least 5 mins.

Also, of course, you can customize the duration of the micro as well as the long breaks.

Download Stretchly


Awareness software that reminds you to take breaks

It is another free app which, once you have installed on your PC will set up a timer in your menu bar. The timer will let you know (by playing the sound of a bowl) when it is time to take a break.

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However, if the timer finds there has been no activity on the PC, it will automatically reset to be able to warn when it’s time again to take a break.

Furthermore, if you choose to ignore the warnings and continue working, it will play the next warning sound at twice the volume.

Additionally, you will also be served as a link to a site containing information on how best to spend your breaks.

Download Awareness



WorkRave software that reminds you to take breaksIt’s a free app that you will have to install on your PC and will let you customize to flash alerts as to when you should take microbreaks.

Apart from suggesting the time when to take a break, the program will also tell how long the break should be.

It doesn’t stop at that as the program will also tell you the type of exercises you can do while on break.

All in all, quite a reliable solution if you need to be regularly reminded to take some time off of a screen.

Download Workrave

Big Stretch Reminder

Big Stretch Reminder software that reminds you to take breaks

It is a simple reminder app that will prompt you when it’s time for you to take some time off your PC.

This way, you can remain fresh and focused even during long working hours by ensuring timely breaks in between where you can choose to do something else.

Download Big Stretch Reminder

This makes for a nice collection of apps that will help you take regular breaks from your PC every once in a while.

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