Valve Steam

Steam is a video game digital distribution service owned by Valve Corporation, and it is also the largest service of its kind. Originally, it starting out as a mere third-party tool that allowed Steam to provide automatic updates to their games.

However, that was way back in 2003, since now Steam also deals with the following:

  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Server hosting
  • Video streaming
  • Social networking services.

💲 How do I buy games on Steam?

Buying games through Steam is fairly easy, but you need a credit card with the Internet purchases features activated, or a PayPal account.

You can even buy games and send them as gifts for your friends, which is yet another aspect of the Social networking services that Steam has adopted.

More so, if you aren’t satisfied with a Steam product, you can always ask for a refund, as long as certain terms have been met.

🎮 What games can I find on Steam?

Steams’ popularity not only stems from the quality of its own proprietary IPs, such as DotA 2, Team Fortress, or Half-Life, but it also managed to gather under its wind titles that belong to other publishers as well.

Here are some examples of the best games that you can get from Steam today!:

Following Steam’s popularity, many other game developers and companies have tried replicating its success by creating proprietary video game digital distribution service, and most of them have actually been successful at it.

These include:

Uplay  •  Origin  •  •  The Epic Games Launcher

🔧 What are the most common Steam issues that users face?

You cannot run any game installed via Steam without first launching and authenticating to the Steam client first.

That being said, any issue that can prevent you from opening Steam means you can’t access the content you installed through it either.

Here are some articles covering some of the most widely-spread Steam issues, as well as solutions towards fixing them: