How to use Windows 7 forever and never upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 7 users must upgrade to SHA-2 or else…

Windows Bootloader Device Unknown boot error
Windows 7 KB4486563 KB4486564
subst.exe not working in Windows 10, Windows 8.1

Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade FAQ: Here are the answers

download Internet Explorer 11

Download Internet Explorer 11 on your Windows PC

microsoft windows 7

Update Malwarebytes to fix system crashes on Windows 7

Windows Update

Download Windows 7 KB4480955 to fix two known bugs

Windows 7 end support KB4493132

Windows 7 apps should work fine after Windows 10 upgrade

Windows 7 end support KB4493132

Windows 7 end support scheduled for January 2020

windows 7 KB4480970 KB4480960

Download KB4487345 to fix the bugs caused by KB4480970

Windows 7 ISO mounting tools