How to unblock Windows 10 apps blocked due to company policy

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Some users have stated in forum posts that a “This app has been blocked due to Company Policy” error message appears on Microsoft Store pages when they try to download apps.

Consequently, the Get buttons are grayed out; and users can’t install the apps. Does that sound like a familiar scenario? If so, check out these potential fixes for the “blocked due to company policy” MS Store error.

Resolutions That Might Fix the “Blocked due to Company Policy” Error

1. Open the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

First, try opening the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter in Win 10. That troubleshooter can resolve all sorts of UWP app issues. Follow the guidelines below to open the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter.

  • Press the Windows key + Q keyboard shortcut to open Cortana.
  • Enter the keyword ‘troubleshoot’ in Cortana’s search box.
  • Select Troubleshoot to open the Settings window as shown directly below.

  • Select Windows Store Apps to press its Run the troubleshooter button. That button will open the troubleshooter’s window.

  • Thereafter, users can go through resolutions suggested within the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter.

2. Reset MS Store

The “This app has been blocked” might be due to a corrupted MS Store cache. Users can fix that cache by resetting it. To do that, press the Windows key + R hotkey. Then input ‘wsreset.exe’ in Run’s text box, and select the OK option.

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3. Try Installing UWP Apps From an Alternative User Account

If you have an alternative user account that you can log in to, try downloading it within that account. The app might download ok within another account.

Alternatively, users can set up new user accounts to download UWP apps from. This is how users can set up new Windows 10 accounts.

  • Press the Start button.
  • Click the Settings button.
  • Select Accounts and click Family & other people.

  • Select the Add someone else to this PC option to open the window in the snapshot directly below.

  • Click I don’t have this person’s sign-in information and the Add a user without a Microsoft account option.

  • Then enter the required account details in the text boxes, and press the Next button.
  • Restart Windows after setting up the new account.
  • Log in to the new user account.

4. Check for Windows 10 Updates

Some users have confirmed that Windows updates fixed the “This app has been blocked” error for them. To be more specific, users confirmed that the KB4040724 update for Windows 10 build version 1703 fixed the error.

That update won’t be any good for more recent Windows 10 build versions. Nevertheless, Windows 10 updates have still fixed the issue; so it might be worth checking for and installing updates.

  • To check for updates, open Cortana with the Windows key + Q keyboard shortcut.
  • Enter the search keyword ‘update’ in the text box.
  • Click Check for updates to open the window shown directly below.

  • Press the Check for updates button to see if there are any available updates.
  • Press the Install now button if updates are available.

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5. Remove Corporate Email Accounts From Windows Mail

The “This app has been blocked” error can be due to corporate email accounts in Mail. Some users have stated that they’ve fixed the “This app has been blocked” error by removing email accounts from Windows Mail.

This is how users can delete email accounts in Mail:

  • First, open the Mail app.
  • Click the Settings button (gear icon) in Mail.
  • Then select the Manage accounts option to open a list of email accounts.
  • Select a listed email account to delete.
  • Select the Delete account option on the Account settings window that opens.
  • Click Delete to provide further confirmation.

6. Turn Off Third-Party Antivirus Software

Third-party antivirus software could be another potential factor behind the “This app has been blocked” error. To ensure that isn’t the case, disable third-party antivirus utilities.

The system tray on the right of the Windows 10 taskbar includes antivirus utility icons that users can right-click to open context menu options for the installed software.

Those context menus usually include a disable setting of some description that users can select to turn off the antivirus utilities.

7. Check the Regional Settings

  • The “This app has been blocked” error can also occur when Windows 10’s regional settings are misconfigured. So, check that the right regional settings are selected in Windows 10. This is how users can adjust those settings.
  • Open the Cortana app.
  • Input the keyword ‘regional settings’ in the text box.
  • Click Region & language settings to open the options shown directly below.

  • Then select an alternative country on the Country or region drop-down menu if required.
  • In addition, click Date & time on the left of the Settings window to open the options in the image below.

  • Check that the correct time zone is selected on the Time zone drop-down menu.

Those resolutions might resolve the “This app has been blocked” error for some users so they can install UWP apps once again. Check out this article for some more general MS Store fixes.


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