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  • False positives from antivirus utilities, browser extensions, conflicting programs, and corrupted user profiles are all potential causes for Windows 11 Chrome not working.
  • To fix Windows 11 Chrome not opening, try launching the browser with Run commands.
  • Some users might need to disable certain utilities or startup programs to fix Chrome not opening in Windows 11.
  • Deleting a user profile might also fix Google Chrome.
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Google Chrome might be the world’s foremost browser, but that doesn’t mean it always works as expected. Some users who have upgraded to Windows 11 have said on forums that Chrome isn’t working for them.

When Chrome isn’t working, it crashes when users try to launch it. Consequently, users can’t open and utilize that browser. Sometimes it will show an error message like Google Chrome has stopped working and closed.

Is Google Chrome a non-starter for you in Windows 11? If so, there are numerous ways you might be able to kick-start that browser.

Try applying the potential resolutions below to get Chrome up and running in Windows 11.

Most common reasons causing Windows 11 Chrome to crash

Google Chrome might not be working for various reasons. It might be the case that the browser has some extensions or add-ins that are causing issues. In which case, you’ll need to disable its extensions with an alternative launch method.

Or there could be antivirus utilities blocking Chrome from opening. That can happen because of those utilities raising false positives (false alarms) for legitimate software. So, disabling antivirus tools might help.

A corrupted Google Chrome user profile is another possible cause for the browser not working. To fix such an issue, you would need to delete the corrupted profile via File Explorer.

Conflicting programs can be another potential factor behind Chrome not starting. Some incompatible software might stop Chrome from working. Disabling or uninstalling such programs will likely kick-start the browser.

What can I do if Windows 11 Chrome won’t open?

1. Run Google Chrome as an administrator

  1. Right-click the Chrome icon on your desktop.
  2. Choose Run as administrator.

If this method has worked for you, follow these steps to ensure that it will always run with this option activated.

  1. Right-click the Chrome icon.
  2. Choose Properties.
  3. Click the Compatibility tab.
  4. Tick the box next to the Run this program as an administrator.
  5. Click OK.

2. Run the compatibility troubleshooter

  1. First, press the Windows and I keys simultaneously.
  2. Select Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters in Settings.
    Troubleshoot navigation option windows 11 chrome not working
  3. Press the Run button for the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.
    Run button windows 11 chrome not working
  4. Select Google Chrome in the troubleshooter’s software list. If you can find it, click Not Listed to select it.
    Program Compatibility Troubleshooter windows 11 chrome not working
  5. Press the Next button to troubleshoot Chrome.

3. Open Chrome in incognito mode

  1. Right-click the Start taskbar button and select Run from the shortcuts menu.
    The Run shortcut windows 11 chrome not working
  2. Input this launch command within the Open box: chrome.exe -incognito
  3. Then click the OK button. Thereafter, Chrome might open in incognito mode.

4. Open Chrome without any extensions

  1. Press both the Windows and R keys at the same time.
  2. Type this command for launching Chrome in the Open box: chrome.exe --disable-extensions
    Run accessory windows 11 chrome not working
  3. Then press the Return key, which will hopefully open Chrome in a safe mode with extensions disabled.
Note icon
If this method launches Chrome, reset that browser by typing chrome://settings/reset in its URL bar and pressing Enter. Click the Restore settings to their original defaults option, and press the Reset settings button.

5. Disable antivirus utilities

  1. Double-click the Windows Security system tray icon shown directly below.
    Windows Security icon windows 11 chrome not working
  2. Click the Virus and threat protection tab’s shield icon.
  3. Then click the Manage settings option on that tab.
    Manage settings option windows 11 chrome not working
  4. Turn off the Real-time protection option by clicking its toggle button.
    Real-time protection option windows 11 chrome not working

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If you’ve got third-party antivirus software installed, disable that utility from its context menu. Right-click the antivirus tool’s system tray icon to bring up its context menu. Then select a disable setting for its antivirus shield there. Turn off the antivirus utility’s shield for a few hours.

6. Delete your Chrome user profile

  1. Open Run by pressing the Windows key + X and selecting its shortcut on the menu.
  2. Type this command in Run’s text box and press Enter: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  3. Next, right-click Default folder and select Copy. Paste that folder in an alternative directory with the Ctrl + V hotkey for backup purposes.
    The Default folder windows 11 chrome not working
  4. Then right-click the Default folder to select Delete.
  5. Try launching Chrome after deleting that folder. If it opens, reset the browser as specified for the fourth resolution.

7. Delete the chrome.dll file and flush the DNS

  1. First, click the search utility’s taskbar shown directly below.
    The magnifying glass icon windows 11 chrome not working
  2. Type Google Chrome in the search text box.
  3. Right-click Google Chrome to select its Open file location option.
  4. Then right-click the Google Chrome shortcut in File Explorer and select its Open file location option.
  5. In the Application folder, double-click the subfolder with the Chrome version number.
  6. Right-click the chrome.dll file and select Delete.
    Chrome.dll file windows 11 chrome not working
  7. Close File Explorer’s window, and click the search taskbar button again.
  8. Next, enter cmd within the search box.
  9. Click Run as administrator for the Command Prompt search result.
    Run as administrator option windows 11 chrome not working
  10. Input the following command and hit Enter: ipconfig /flushdns
  11. Then type this text in the Command Prompt’s window and press Return: netsh winsock reset
    netsch winsock reset windows 11 chrome not working
  12. Thereafter, close the Command Prompt’s window.
  13. Click the Start button, and select Power on the menu.
  14. Then click Restart.

8. Reinstall Google Chrome

  1. Bring up Run with its Windows key + R hotkey.
  2. Type this command into the Open text box: appwiz.cpl
  3. Click OK to open Programs and Features.
    Programs and Features windows 11 chrome not working
  4. Select Google Chrome there, and click an Uninstall option for it.
  5. Click Yes on confirmation prompts.
  6. Open the Start menu to select its Power and Restart options.
    Restart option windows 11 chrome not working
  7. After restarting, open Google Chrome’s download page in Edge.
  8. Click the Download Chrome button there.
  9. Open File Explorer’s window by clicking the folder taskbar icon in the snapshot directly below.
    The File Explorer button windows 11 chrome not working
  10. Then open the folder you downloaded Chrome’s setup wizard to.
  11. Double-click Chrome’s setup wizard to install the software.

Uninstalling Chrome with third-party uninstaller software, such as IObit Uninstaller, will ensure no leftover files from the software are left behind. IObit Uninstaller thoroughly erases all leftover residual files and registry keys from uninstalled software.

How to bypass Microsoft’s restrictions and replace Edge as the default brower

The Redmont giant’s move to make it more complicated for users to change the default browser from Edge to any other option has made a lot of people react on forums and blogs.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to perform this action without spending too much time stressing about the decision itself.

This is how you can make Google Chrome your default browser in Microsoft’s latest desktop platform.

  1. Click Start to bring up the menu, and select the pinned Settings app from there.
  2. Next, click Apps on the left side of Settings.
  3. Select the Default apps option.
    Default apps navigation option windows 11 chrome not working
  4. Then click the listed browser that’s currently your default one, which is probably Edge.
  5. Click the HTML category, and select the Switch anyway option.
    Default browser file formats windows 11 chrome not working
  6. Thereafter, choose an alternative default browser.
    App selection window
  7. Press the OK button.
  8. In addition, change the default browser for the HTTP, HTTPS, HTM, and SHTML categories to Google.

You can also check out some other great browsers for Windows 11 if you’re not sure which one will fit your needs best.

We don’t promise the above resolutions are guaranteed to fix Google Chrome not working in Windows 11 for everybody. However, those potential fixes will probably kick-start Chrome for the majority of users.

If Chrome still doesn’t work after applying those fixes, remember that there are some great alternatives to Google’s browser. The likes of Opera and Vivaldi have more extensive customization settings and better features than Chrome. You can also utilize Chrome’s extensions with those browsers.

Feel free to discuss Windows 11 Chrome not working in the comments section below. If you’ve found any other way to fix Chrome’s browser not working, you’re most welcome to share your alternative resolution below.

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