10 Best Windows Server Backup Software [2024 Guide]

Here are the best backup & recovery solutions for Windows Server

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Key notes

  • Windows Server is a standard Windows OS with specific components added and some deleted, but it is fully compatible with third-party backup software.
  • Professional offsite backups provide a large amount of storage space and the ability to restore data to all servers when needed by the enterprise.
  • By backing up a file to a backup server, you may avoid various problems with your computer data, such as hard drive failure, virus attacks, and data loss.
What are the Best Windows Server Backup Software

Windows Server backup software is different from Windows backup software. If you use Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2, or 2008, you should find backup tools that are not only compatible but also powerful.

Everything a Windows user does is based on a straightforward concept: input of data. The single next important thing to do for you would be to ensure backing up data in case of any technology fails.

That being said, here is our selection of the best backup software for Windows Server.

What is the best backup software for Windows Server?

Quorum onQ – Best business tool for one-click backup & recovery

Quorum onQ is a one-click solution to protect your critical infrastructure from disasters. When you lose a production server, you can move to Quorum’s appliance with a single click and continue to operate.

The technology inside was initially designed for the military to keep the missile tracking system in sync, so there is no margin for error.

OnQ is perfect for businesses because it creates a full server backup, including images, applications, and data, and performs incremental backups as often as every 15 minutes.

Additionally, after backing up a server, Quorum allows unlimited testing to ensure that it will run perfectly when needed.

The Quorum appliance fully supports the ease and flexibility of both physical and virtual servers. Quorum supports physical servers through its proprietary software and interface.  

The product is fully integrated into VMware for virtual environments, utilizing vCenter to manage and vMotion to restore. 

There are four ways you can configure the Quorum product:

  1. Place a local appliance onsite to support the environment – High Availability only (HA)
  2. Combines a local appliance with replication to a second appliance at a remote site – HA & Disaster Recovery (DR)
  3. Combines a local appliance with replication to Quorum’s private cloud – HA & Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  4. Backup directly to Quorum’s private cloud – Direct-to-Cloud

Key features of Quorum onQ:

  • One-click recovery to any point in time
  • Automated recovery testing
  • HA Anywhere architecture
  • Ultra-fast backup and recovery thanks to appliances with 25,000 IOPS
  • Disaster recovery and cloud failover

Quorum onQ

Back up and restore your business servers with a single click for complete data security.
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Uranium Backup – Great server and endpoints backup

Uranium Backup is a complete backup solution for both local and host servers, so it’s a tool that can help you greatly.

It was designed for businesses and individuals, and the friendly interface allows one to configure a backup set in just a few seconds.

Don’t worry. In case of any malfunction, the reporting system will alert you immediately, saving you precious time.

Regarding backup options, Uranium Backup will secure all data, disk images, databases, Exchange mailboxes, and even virtual machines.

And the backup destination options are staggering. This solution can store the backups on anything, including FTP, FTPS, SFTP, cloud, and even tape.

Why do you create the backup in the first place? This tool ensures complete restoration of your server in case of damage or Ransomware attacks.

Uranium Backup is highly versatile. It is available as a Free version for file and folder backup. Still, it comes with dedicated licenses for higher needs like a backup of Drive Image, databases, and Virtual Machines.

Let’s review its best features:

  • Full server backup and granular backups
  • Scheduled backups
  • Drive image backup, FTP / FTPS / SFTP backups, cloud backup and tape backup
  • Full server or endpoint restoration in case of disaster
  • Friendly interface for both business and individuals
  • Free version available

Uranium Backup

Back up your servers and endpoints to secure them against any disasters or ransomware!
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Zinstall FullBack – Best Restore capability and ease of use

Zinstall FullBack (Server Edition) is a complete, always-on, easy-to-use backup solution for your entire server.

Unlike other backups, FullBack can restore server applications, not just files, even to completely different server hardware with a different Windows version.

For example, you can restore a backup of a Dell Server 2012, to an HP Server 2022 (or to an Azure-hosted Server 2022) – including server applications.

Note that this is not a clone restore, i.e., it doesn’t overwrite the new OS or hardware layer.

It doesn’t just restore data; it recovers your applications, their configurations and accounts, your profiles, shares, and security permissions.

You get back to work as if nothing happened. This unique capability alone makes FullBack severe worth consideration. Of course, you can recover a file or a folder with a click.

With all that powerful technology under the hood, FullBack is nevertheless super simple to use.

FullBack can store your backups pretty much anywhere: local drives, external drives, network shares, NAS / SAN, and 3rd party Cloud storage such as Amazon S3 or Backblaze B2 (or even OneDrive / Dropbox, although that is more applicable for smaller server deployments).

It also allows you to backup to multiple targets at the same time, so you can keep a local backup for quick access, and a Cloud backup in case your office burns down – a proper implementation of the 1-2-3 backup rule.

Oh, and it even allows you to go back in time to any point in the past: you can restore a file as it was an hour ago, yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, and so on.

It is truly a backup powerhouse that is still easy to use for anyone.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Automatic backup for your entire server
  • It recovers your applications, along with their configurations
  • Stores your backups anywhere, including on cloud storage
  • Backup to multiple targets at the same time
  • Full restoration of any file

Zinstall FullBack

Powerful, automatic, super easy to use, and restores everything to anywhere.
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Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows – Versatile backup & recovery

Vembu is undoubtedly one of the best solutions for backup and recovery for Windows Servers and terminals.

It provides image-based backups of Windows Servers/Workstations running on physical and virtual platforms.

Of course, you may opt to back up the entire systems or only select disks or volumes.

This solution supports MBR and GPT partitioned disks, even if they exceed 2 TB of data, and it also covers Basic and Dynamic disks from a Windows machine.

But after you create a backup, Vembu uses its proprietary Changed Block Tracking driver to only make incremental backups.

In other words, it will compare the data and backup only the new and changed files from your system.

Not only that, but Vembu performs an automatic backup verification to check the data recoverability of the backups.

And all the actions are made from a centralized web-based user interface that can be accessed anywhere.

Let’s go through some of Vembu’s best features:

  • Support for MBR and GPT partitioned disks larger than 2TB
  • Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR) for entire machine restoration
  • Application-aware backup
  • Automated Backup Verification
  • Built-in AES 256-bit industry-grade encryption

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Windows

Back-up your Windows Server and endpoints with this smart solution that also offers disaster recovery.
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Acronis Cyber Backup – Ideal for full server backup

Acronis Cyber Backup is one of the best Windows Server backup software for your business. It’s like an edition of Acronis True Image but made for Windows Server.

Cyber Backup runs full backups on your Windows Server environment and recovers the complete entire system or just specific files and programs.

Customizable widgets, reports, notifications, and important event alerts are among the advanced reporting and status-monitoring features of Acronis Cyber Backup.

You can allow Acronis’ AI-based ransomware solution to protect your data from unauthorized change, decryption, and ransomware outbreaks such as Petya, WannaCry, and Osiris.

Furthermore, by adding an extra layer of protection, you can safeguard your data from unauthorized access.

Through a mathematical algorithm, Acronis Notary’s blockchain-based innovation provides a safe connection.

Acronis Cyber Backup is a subscription-based backup solution and includes a 30-days free trial.

Here are the Acronis Cyber Backup key features:

  • Works with any Windows Server whether it’s virtual, physical, or on the cloud
  • Save your backups anywhere, including NAS, SAN, tapes, disks, Acronis Cloud, Azure, AWS, Google
  • Recover the data you need: full system, drives, Microsoft application data, urgent files, and folders.
  • Scalable backup solution
  • Capture the current server state using Volume Shadow Copy (VSS).

Acronis Cyber Backup

Do you need more security for your business data? Try Acronis Cyber Backup and be confident about the Windows Server environment! 
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ManageEngine OS Deployer – Best for acquiring & deploying OS image

ManageEngine OS Deployer

ManageEngine OS Deployer is OS deployment and migration software, but it also offers online and offline imaging.

The software lets you create an image of the OS and disk partitions in your computer and can be deployed on single or multiple computers simultaneously, even on a machine with a corrupted OS.

The Online imaging method allows admins to capture the system’s disk image when it is live and functioning in a network.

Conversely, with Offline imaging, the disk image is acquired when the network is shut down.

The tool can create an image of single or multiple partitions or entire disks and shrink the volume to prevent disk size incompatibility errors.

ManageEngine OS Deployer can also migrate user profiles and data from one computer to another, ensuring that users can seamlessly continue their work on a new device.

It provides a pre-boot environment, allowing administrators to perform computer diagnostics and repairs without accessing the operating system.

Let’s go through some of ManageEngine OS Deployer’s best features:

  • Can deploy standardized configurations across multiple computers
  • Simplifies the process of migrating from an older OS to a new one
  • Automates the process of deploying operating systems across machines
  • Allows IT administrators to manage computers in remote locations
  • Installs the necessary drivers during OS deployment

ManageEngine OS Deployer

Creates an OS image using advanced imaging techniques and customizes it for deployment.
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Paragon Backup & Recovery Business – Great for small businesses

Paragon Backup & Recovery Business is ideal Windows Server backup software for small and mid-sized companies. It’s the server edition of Paragon Backup & Recovery.

This tool meets all of your demands, whether it’s simply storing data, automating backup procedures, or developing sophisticated backup routines.

The strong software wizard helps users through the backup wilderness step by step, and the newly designed UI clears the course.

Backup strategies are meant to make it simple to set up and perform automatic backup operations. You may pick from dependable pre-defined methods or create your own.

Because of its CRC technology, Paragon backup archive PVHD (Paragon virtual hard drive) may be mounted and read within your Windows system and is ideal for hosting network sharing.

Here are the key features of the Paragon Backup & Recovery Business:

  • Comprehensive backup solution for physical and logical media
  • Flexible restore options
  • Create a bootable environment and fix boot errors
  • Secure your Windows Server environment and automate administrative tasks
  • Integrated end-to-end security, low impact on the system and network

Paragon Backup & Recovery Business

With this flexible and intuitive tool, you can back up your system data worry-free.
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AOMEI Windows Server Backup – Great for system optimization

AOMEI Windows Server Backup is an excellent Windows Server backup software. It’s the server equivalent of AOMEI Backupper for Windows.

The partition manager is a high-performance artificial intelligence that helps you to improve Windows PC and Windows Server operating systems.

It is used in small and medium-sized organizations to address hard disk and partition management issues on server PCs.

Here are the key features of the AOMEI Windows Server Backup:

  • Back up entire systems, disks, and partitions, files, incremental and differential backups
  • Versatile backup locations including local disk, external drive, CDs and DVDs, NAS, and cloud drive
  • Create backups without interrupting current applications or turning off Windows Server
  • Recover the entire system or specific files and duplicate backups
  • Create a bootable recovery environment, compress, split, or encrypt backups

AOMEI Windows Server Backup

Have complete backup support with AOMEI Windows Server Backup and protect your server data with ease! 
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NovaBACKUP for Servers – Packed with practical features

NovaBACKUP for Servers is an exemplary Windows Server backup software for offices and small businesses. It comes equipped with a lot of practical features for creating and managing backups.

The utility called File Copy Jobs, when run manually or on a schedule, can keep a current version of your files in a location you specify through a one-way copy.

File and image backups are compressed by default, saving anywhere from 10% to 25% more than a simple file copy.

Storage is compatible with any disks formatted in New Technology File System that are connected to the system, including hardware RAID configurations.

Backups may be saved to any NTFS formatted disk (including RDX), Network Shares (NAS), or Single Tape Drives.

The NovaBACKUP user interface is designed to be compatible with screen readers and other sensor technologies, making it accessible to those who have difficulty reading or hearing.

Here are the key features of NovaBACKUP for Servers:

  • Cloud storage backup
  • Schedule server backups to run automatically in full or incremental mode
  • Recover the entire server system from the backup to any Hyper-V environment
  • Follow the 3-2-1 backup rule to save your server in case of disaster

NovaBACKUP for Servers

Back up all of your important photos, documents, movies, and apps to the cloud, and safeguard your data.
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Windows Server Backup – Best built-in server backup solution

Windows Server Backup is the default Windows Server backup software solution that we simply can’t overlook. Introduced in 1997, the backup solution has been integrated with all Windows Server editions.

Unfortunately, the latest version of Windows Server Backup doesn’t support tape drives. As such, you must use third-party apps to save and tape on a recent OS.

When all’s said and done, customers need not look further than their OS to handle their backup concerns.

Windows Backup is designed to provide a one-stop solution for server protection. You may set up a scheduled job to backup files and the system state, as well as to perform an empty restoration.

Microsoft anticipates that you will have one scheduled job so that you may do a one-time save with Windows Backup.

You could want to copy files to a network share, for example. Remember that any previous backups to the same folder will be overwritten, so try as much as possible to save the previous backup in a different location.

Here are some of its best features:

  • Comes ready with your server environment
  • Works with all Windows Server editions
  • Automatically backs up and recovers your server system
  • Copies currently used files and applications without any issues
  • Performs differential, incremental, normal, and daily backups.

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Does Windows Server have backup software?

It does. It is called Windows Server Backup, and it comes preinstalled with your Windows Server OS.

We also included this solution in our selection below, but as you will see, the tool doesn’t offer all the features offered by more powerful third-party tools.

However, it does have the most important options necessary for Windows Server backup and recovery.

Many companies and organizations will get data loss prevention software and leave it at that. However, this does not address the issue of recovery say if server data were to disappear.

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts to ensure server data protection, some environments are simply too different and complicated for its inbuilt software.

In that case, you can resort to trustworthy Windows Server backup software solutions, like the ones on this list.

Client files and other valuable documents stored on servers are just too valuable to leave unguarded. You can go for cheap Windows servers just make sure your security is top-notch.

Try the above tools and ensure your business security with a fast and uncomplicated backup and recovery experience.

And while we are addressing the security issues, take a look at our list including the best antivirus software for Windows Server 2019.

If you know about any other software that should be included in our selection, let us know about them in the comments section below.

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