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by Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
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Cyber Monday Winzip

You might have noticed that the more performant your PC or laptop is, the less memory it has; or that when upgrading a device, manufacturers don’t necessarily improve hard disk space, but other hardware components.

Still, all the programs, apps, and multimedia content stored on our devices take more and more space, leaving barely some room for other important documents.

Sure, cloud storage and external HDDs can help. But so can file compression, and for that you have dedicated software such as WinZip.

You might have used the tool once in a while to archive large libraries or documents for safekeeping. But the tool is more complex than that.

How much can I save with a WinZip deal?

If you’re interested in some moderate deals, see these discounts:

  • 10% off for WinZip Pro: It guarantees you access to the compression tool + backup & encryption features.
  • 40% off for WinZip ProCombo: Comprises WinZip Pro + WinZip Courier, which ensures large file shrinking and encryption optimized for email clients.

And the cherry on top, WinZip has decided to go wild this year and bundle up some of their premium products in a limited deal that can save you up to 74%.

WinZip Ultimate Suite

Your ultimate file compression and file management tool, combined with photo editing and digital painting software.
Free trial Visit website

What does the Ultimate Suite deal include?

  • WinZip Ultimate Suite
    • Enhanced WinZip tool for file compression and PDF file management with MS Teams integration
    • WinZip Courier – a size-adjustment tool to fit the attachment requirements of certain email clients
    • Corel PDF Fusion for PDF conversion, signing, and management
    • System optimization tools
    • macOS version that you can use or offer to someone
    • Helpful Parallels Toolbox to master your PC’s shortcuts and secrets
    • 50GB cloud storage
  • PaintShop Pro 2022 – professional photo editing software
  • Painter Essentials 7 – digital painting software for beginners

Needless to say that WinZip can compress, decompress, encrypt and back up a wide range of file types, including zip, rar, 7z, iso, tar tgz, and more.

As mentioned, the above offer is time-limited, so don’t hesitate to visit the WinZip website right away.

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