10 Best Outlook features you need to try right now

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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Outlook top 10 features

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most well-known personal-information management tool in the world.

It started out as nothing more than a mere email client and has evolved into an integral part of the Microsoft Office Suite. While still an email client, one of the best there is for that matter, it has a host of new features to bring to you.

Here are the top 10 best features that Outlook brings to the table.

How do I get the most out of Outlook?

1. Outlook for collaboration

What is neat about Outlook is that it has tools that accurately reflect your typical workday. For example, it lets you keep track of your clients‘ needs and actions, so you know exactly what your next move should be.

You can then use Outlook‘s tools that are dedicated to group work to make a plan of action.

Getting everybody together on a project is key, and it is much easier when everyone is in the same Office 365 group.

Of course, an integral part of working as a group is scheduling meetings, and Outlook makes that aspect a whole lot easier. Unfortunately, not everyone is available every time, so Outlook helps out by letting you time the meetings just right.

Once you’ve finally gathered together and discussed the latest topics on your agenda, Outlook provides you with the tools to keep notes efficiently.

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2. Increased folder sharing

In a work environment, sending and receiving information (a lot of it usually) is a key element. Because of this, Outlook is fully prepared to meet even the highest of expectations as far as file and folder sharing goes.

This allows you as a group to keep sharing data without having to worry about deleting older files and folder to free up space.

3. Outlook inbox payments

When you’re all busy at work, it is easy to forget about common day-to-day tasks, such as paying your bills.

With Outlook, however, you can pay bills via Microsoft Pay without having to worry about tax penalties.

4. Dark Mode

Dark Mode is something that plenty of programs have decided to include, and Outlook is not far behind. When it was first announced, users were pretty excited about the news.

Their excitement was also fueled by the knowledge that Outlook would now receive full support for Black Office Theme.

Additionally, Dark Mode is far easier on the eyes, especially when reading documents at night, or in dark rooms. More so, because the screen is no longer so bright, it helps reduce battery consumption on mobile devices.

Because of this, those of you that usually read their emails off of their phone are probably the most avid users of Outlook‘s Dark Mode.

5. Modern UI

Looking fresh is almost as important as being useful, and Outlook boasts a sleek UI for the modern user. More so, the design is constantly updated, and new features are consistently added to the toolset.

This includes, among others, new interactive ways for you to get notified regarding an upcoming event. Outlook includes Fluent Design-inspired effects that will make using it extremely enjoyable.

However, this modern design isn’t just for show, as it helps Outlook perform a lot faster too.

6. Ink usage

As mentioned above, writing emails doesn’t have to be standard and boring.

Outlook brings you all the tools you need to send emails that can be either stylish or fun, depending on your mood.

7. Encrypt your emails

When you send or receive an email, you expect that your privacy is respected. With Outlook, you don’t have to worry about security issues, thanks to its advanced end-to-end encryption.

This feature will ensure the highest level of security, allowing you and your company’s secrets to remain a secret.

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8. It uses AI

As mentioned before, Outlook is continuously evolving, and it would seem that the next trend in pretty much every domain is including AI.

Outlook, along with other apps belonging to the Microsoft Office suite, will also be receiving AI-powered features that will make working with it easier.

More so, it will be able to communicate more easily with other AI’s to improve the exchange of information between apps.

9. Focused Inbox

Prioritizing emails is key, especially when you send and receive plenty of them on a day-to-day basis.

Because of this, Outlook features something called a Focused Inbox, where emails are arranged based on a user-attributed priority. More so, other tools such as @-mentions and cloud attachments make Outlook an email client of the future.

10. Fixable and versatile

With all of its neat tools and great design, we must remember the Microsoft Outlook is a computer application. Like any computer application, it can be prone to faulty registries, bad installs, and corrupted data.

Fortunately, Outlook is extremely popular, and as such, there are plenty of tools that will make fixing it a breeze.

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