Office 365 mac app store

You can now download Office 365 from Mac App Store

Windows 10
Windows Lite static start menu

Windows Lite could feature some Windows 7 design elements

chrome dark mode windows 10

Chrome supports keyboard media controls for media playback

Windows Phone

Watch Windows 10 ARM running on Lumia 950 XL just for fun

windows 10 raw image support

Windows 10 improves RAW image format support

Not enough memory to open this page

Chrome might render ad blockers useless pretty soon

Windows 10 build 18323

Windows 10 build 18323 is all about bug fixes

windows 10 update

Download KB4481031 for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7.2

outlook email password data breach
bing china
microsoft stylus education

Microsoft sells cheap $40 stylus for students

telegram update windows 10

Telegram app for Windows 10 brings new group chat settings

windows core OS news

Windows Core OS might feature open-source elements

KB4476976 windows 10

Microsoft pushes KB4476976 to all Windows 10 v1809 users