Fix: An Unknown Error Has Occurred (Code 1) on Facebook

Get rid of Facebook error code 1 with easy steps

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  • For various issues like lack of permission, network problem, corrupted cache, cookies, etc., Facebook may not perform properly, and you may get an error code 1.
  • Though the problem can be a result of Facebook's internal issues, you also should try some methods to verify if it is from your end or not.
  • If clearing temporary data and providing required permissions doesn't help, correct the Time and date to see if it helps.
  • You also can reset network settings or follow other methods from this article to solve this problem.
fix facebook an unknown error has occurred code 1
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If you are frequently or repeatedly getting the problem: An unknown error has occurred code 1 on Facebook, don’t worry. This article has efficient solutions that will help you.

In general, error code 1 mostly occurs on the Facebook smartphone app. However, the same thing may happen on the web too. You will mostly get it on a known or a new device during log-in. You also may face the same error when logging into something else using Facebook.

This problem can occur suddenly without showing any other symptoms. That makes it very critical to troubleshoot. However, like most other errors, you can overcome this one if you follow the right way.

Why is my Facebook saying unknown error when I try to log in?

When you try to log in on Facebook or even somewhere using Facebook, you may get a message like: Login failed [1]. This unknown error also may occur with Messenger with the same error code 1. It happens due to some common reasons. These are:

  • Disabled permission on third-party services or the Facebook app itself
  • Network related problem
  • Facebook service is down
  • Problem on a specific device
  • Corrupted cache and data

If you take care of these things, you will be able to fix this error.

How do I fix an unknown error has occurred code 1 on Facebook?

1. Clear cache and data

1.1 On browser

  1. Open your browser on a PC or Mac.
  2. Press CTRL + Shift + Del for PC or Command + Shift + Del for Mac.
  3. Set the time range to All time.choose clear browsing data time range
  4. Select Cached images and files and Cookies and click on Clear data.metamask not showing balance

1.2 On app

  1. On your Android phone, go to Settings.
  2. Go to Apps.
    going apps settings android
  3. Find and tap on Facebook.
  4. Go to Storage
    .going storage app preferences android
  5. Tap on Clear Data.
    clearing app data android

If necessary, you can re-install the app. On iOS, you won’t find any way to clean the cache. So, you will need to re-install the app there.

After that, try to log in or use Facebook again. You will not face that unexpected error again.

2. Enable permission

2.1 For third-party app

  1. Go to Facebook Settings.
  2. Navigate to Security and Login.
  3. Go to Apps and websites.
  4. Go to View and Edit for your preferred app.clicking view and edit fb app preferences
  5. Grant required permission for the app.

2.2 For the Facebook app

  1. Go to Facebook app settings as shown in method 1.2.
  2. Go to permission.
    clicking permission android app settings
  3. Grant the required permissions.

The third-party app or services require permission to do their normal operation. Otherwise, you may get the error code 1. In this case, you won’t have to modify permission on Facebook’s smartphone app.

But, if you cannot log in on Facebook, modifying permission may help sometimes.

3. Delete third-party connected apps

  1. Go to Apps and websites like before.
  2. Delete the third-party apps.removing apps on fb

4. Correct date & time

4.1 Correct on PC

  1. Press Win + I on the keyboard to open Settings.
  2. Go to Time & language and click on Date & time.going date and time settings win11
  3. Enable Set time automatically and make sure the Time zone is in the correct state.set time automatically win11

4.2 Correct on Android

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to General management.
    going general management settings android
  3. Tap on Date & Time.
    going time n date android
  4. Enable Set Automatically and make sure the correct time zone is set.

4.3 Correct on iOS

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
    going ios settings general
  3. Go to Date and time.
    going date n time ios settings
  4. Set it to Automatic.
    set time automatically ios

5. Reset network settings

4.1 Reset on PC

  1. Go to Windows settings like before.
  2. Go to Network & internet.clicking network internet win11
  3. Click on Advanced network settings.
  4. Go to Network reset.
  5. Click on Reset now and follow any on-screen steps.clicking reset now for network reset win11 settings

4.2 Reset on iOS

  1. Go to General in Settings.
  2. Tap on Transfer or Reset iPhone.going transfer and reset iphone
  3. Tap on Reset.
  4. Choose Reset Network Settings.reset network settings ios

4.3 Reset on Android

  1. Go to General management on Settings.
  2. Tap on Reset.
  3. Tap on Reset network settings.
    reset network settings android

Expert tip:


Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken.
We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
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After resetting the network, the login failed, and an unknown error should not occur again. Sometimes, improper network configurations may cause your device to communicate with the Facebook server properly. In this case, resetting the configuration should help.

6. Check the Facebook status

Sometimes, this problem may not be limited to you only. There are other users who may face similar problems due to an issue on Facebook. For this, we suggest you visit this Facebook service status page. If it’s a widespread problem, you will easily understand from that page.

You should keep patience if it is a problem from Facebook’s end and you do not have control over it.

7. Try a different network

Sometimes, the unknown error code 1 with Facebook may appear due to network connectivity issues. So, you should try from a different network and see if it fixes the error or not. For a better experience, we suggest you use the ExpressVPN.

This VPN can bypass any ISP level limitation except bandwidth limit and give you a very stable experience while accessing various websites.

If you are interested, also learn how to unblock Facebook anywhere.

How do I fix Facebook errors?

There are different types of errors you may face with Facebook. To fix them, there are specific methods. However, in general, clearing cache and cookies can help. Else, granting required permissions and using a stable internet connection also can be necessary.

If you use Facebook from a browser, make sure the web browser is up to date. Also, the Facebook apps on your smartphones also should be updated regularly. In this way, you can fix common errors.

This article has explained how you can fix An unknown error has occurred code 1 on Facebook. If you have faced this problem and solved using a different method, you can let us know in the comment box.

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