HP Print and Scan Doctor: What it is, how to use it and uninstall it

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HP Print And Scan Doctor For Windows PC

The HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows PC is a free printers/scanner diagnostic tool and helps solve the most common printing and scanning problems in HP printers/scanners.

The software works in almost all Windows versions and can be very helpful as a first intervention when your printer fails.

Problems that HP Print and Scan Doctor can solve on Windows 10

As I mentioned, the ‘doctor’ program is a godsend since it literary tackles all the teething issues that HP printer users frequently complain about.

Here are some of the issues resolved by the application:

  • Corrupt/misconfigured HP printer driver
  • Scan error messages
  • Printer being offline
  • Missing print drivers
  • Print jobs getting stuck in the printing queue
  • Printer connectivity issues
  • Firewall issues

How to use the HP Print and Scan Doctor to repair printer problems

Now, using the HP Print and Scan App to troubleshoot your printer is quite straightforward. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download HP Print and Scan Doctor

You need to download the diagnostic program to your Windows PC first. Here is how:

  1. Switch on your printer and ensure it’s connected to the PC
  2. Download the software.

The file is light so the download completes within a few moments. Up next is installation.

Step 2: Install the software

Right-click the executable installation file (you can find it in the downloads folder or in the taskbar) and follow the step-by-step prompts to install.

What is HP print and scan doctor

  1. Click run
  2. Wait for the program to extract (Remember to click yes once prompted by User Account Control settings)
  3. Accept the terms and wait as it installs

The installation is completed again within moments and the program automatically opens.

Step 3: Using the HP Print and Scan Doctor to fix common issues

  1. On the displayed Welcome screen, click the Start tab to see all the available printers (as installed in your PC).How do I troubleshoot my HP scanner
  2. Select the printer you want to fix from the list then click Next.
  3. If the printer with problems isn’t shown or if there’s a connection problem, click the option “My product is not listed”. The tool will prompt you to turn the printer off then on. Do this then retry. It will search and hopefully detect the printer. If still no success, re-click “My product is not listed” and confirm that it’s on. Now try to correct the problem by clicking connect.
  4. Choose how your printer is connected, for example, USB.How do I troubleshoot my HP scanner
  5. Now follow the relevant on-screen instructions before tapping Retry. Your HP printer should eventually appear in the list.

Step 4: How to fix printing problems

  1. Click Fix printing. The software communicates with the printer and identifies all the potential problems.What is HPPSdr EXE
  2. To repair, follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions which will depend on the issue being worked on. Be sure to take the actions the software recommends.

Fix scanning problems

  1. This time click Fix Scanning.
  2. Again follow each instruction.

In general, the software recognizes and solves many HP printer issues.

Step 5: Interpreting the troubleshooting results

How do I download HP print and scan doctor?

  • A checkmark against means the printer is in perfect health and has passed all the tests.
  • A wrench shows that the software found and healed certain issues.
  • An exclamation point indicates that the device has problems and that you may have skipped the requested step.
  • An X requires that you follow the highlighted instructions to repair the issue.

Further Tips

HP Print and Scan Doctor may occasionally prompt you to reinstall it even if it’s currently installed. This step is necessary if the intelligent program has detected that the existing problem can only be eliminated by updating the current program files.

For instance, it may require you to allow it to reinstall if it finds a missing/outdated printer driver.

What else can I use my HP Print and Scan Doctor for?

The software is indeed a robust utility and can help simplify numerous other HP printers’ related routine/maintenance tasks.

Here is a summary:

  • Check Print Quality

The software is a quicker way of troubleshooting printing quality issues including faint/missing colors and broken lines.

You need to first print a quality diagnostics page. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the program from the desktop.
  2. Click
  3. Click printer services.
  4. Tap the “Print Quality Diagnostics Page” option to print a sample document.
  • Align Print Cartridges

For best results, HP requires that you align newly installed cartridges. Periodically aligning old cartridges also helps improve print quality. To do this:

  1. Open the program from the desktop.
  2. Click
  3. Click printer services.
  4. Tap the Align Printheads option and wait.
  • Clean Printheads

Cleaning the print head again repairs print quality problems. To do this:

  1. Open the program from the desktop.
  2. Click
  3. Click printer services.
  4. Tap the Clean Printheads option and wait.
  • Print Essential Printer Diagnostic Information

Printing a general print diagnostic summary will help you know about all the malfunctions affecting your printer plus the overall health status of your HP printer.

This will help you narrow down on persistent problems. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the program from the desktop.
  2. Click printer
  3. Click printer services
  4. Tap the Print Diagnostic Information option and collect the print out from your printer.
  • Check Toner/Cartridge Ink Levels

Follow these steps to easily check toner/cartridge ink levels:

  1. Open the program from the desktop.
  2. Click printer on the menu.
  3. Click Supply Levels/Ink Levels.

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  • Troubleshoot firewall issues

Firewall problems cause your printer to lose the connection to the PC. Here is how to troubleshoot:How can I fix my HP printer?

  1. Open the program from the desktop.
  2. Click network on the menu.
  3. Click Troubleshooting Firewalls.
  4. Follow the prompts to resolve existing issues.

How To Delete HP Print and Scan Doctor

Since HP Print and Scan Doctor runs as an executable program file, you delete rather than uninstall it (It’s never added to the programs list). To delete the tool, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the program’s current file location e.g. the desktop.
  2. Right click on the HP Print and Scan Doctor icon.
  3. Choose “Open file location”.
  4. Click Delete.

Is HP Print and Scan Doctor safe?

The software reliably tackles most of the faults that arise when using HP printers and has not been reported to have /cause any vulnerability. Neither have users reported any interference with personal files/folders.


The software tries its best to resolve any incorrect printer configurations, print quality, and related HP printer issues. However, no software can replace a support technician so may still need to escalate some of the advanced problems to HP agents or qualified technicians.

That said, you may no longer need to call a technician with each small problem thanks to this software.


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