How many computers can I install my Creative Cloud apps on?

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by Vladimir Popescu
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How many computers can I install my Creative Cloud apps on - Adobe Creative Cloud logo

If you’re wondering how many PCs can you install your Creative Cloud apps on, you found the perfect article.

We will discuss this entire concept, and we will also observe all the details of how to better manage your license buying funds in order to get the most out of the Creative Cloud Suite.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite is very well-known across the globe, as it offers one of the best selections of creative apps on the market.

This set of applications from Adobe covers a wide range of uses, including graphic designvideo editingweb development,  and also photography.

Some of the most well-known apps that are part of the Creative Cloud suite – Adobe Acrobat, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, just to name a few.

With such a great selection of apps available for a fast and easy download, there is no wonder why the suite from Adobe has so many fans.

In today’s article, we will answer a very important and pertinent question, that being ‘How many computers can I install my Creative Cloud apps on?’. To find the answer, please read on.

Can I use Adobe Creative Cloud on more than one computer?

Adobe Creative Cloud - how many computers can i install my creative cloud on?

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite can install the containing software on two different computers at the same time. This applies even if you have two Windows computers, two Mac OS PCs, or one of the same kind.

This feature comes in very handy, especially if your work computer is a Mac, and your home PC is a Windows-based device.

If you try to install software on the third computer, then the Adobe Creative Cloud will ask you to deactivate one of the previously used computers.

This means that you will get to use the Adobe CC on the third computer only after one of the previously activated PCs is removed from the list, but that implies that you can re-activate the original PC once you’re done with the third PC.

This technique is only applicable in the case that you are not going to use the third computer very often.

If you do need to use the third computer often, then the best way of dealing with this would be to invest in another Adobe CC license and extend the number of PC licenses.

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In today’s how-to article we explored some of the details of how the Adobe Creative Cloud licenses work, and we also found out how many computers can the contained software be installed on.

We hope that this guide was helpful in your situation and that you now understand how to use your Adobe Creative Cloud licenses optimally for the best performance.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or opinions to share with us. You can get into contact with us by leaving a comment in the section found below this article.


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