Windows 10 KB4088776 bugs: browser won’t work, shutdown issues, and more

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Windows 10 KB4088776 bugs

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update KB4088776 fixes a bevy of issues and brings many system improvements to the OS. However, this patch also brings some issues of its own, as many users already reported.

In this article, we’ll list the most frequent issues affecting KB4088776 as well as their corresponding workarounds to help you fix them.

KB4088776 bugs affect many users

1. Download and install fails

Many Windows 10 users are still struggling to install KB4088776 on their computers. Although the download process starts, the update downloads again and again.

Windows-10-update-KB4088776, loads Version 1709, Build 16299.309; however, the same update downloads again and then fails over and over again. This is the same problem with the last update (build 16299.248. This occurs over and over creating a permanent loop. Please fix it.

Other users reported that the update process fails with error 0x80092004:

I am trying to install 2018-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 for x64-based Systems (KB4088776) and keep getting Error 0x80092004. I tried downloading it physically and running it, bit it will not install.

If you can’t install the latest updates on your machine, try running the built-in update troubleshooter. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. Locate the Windows Update troubleshooter and run it.

fix windows update

2. Local network disappears

If you can’t find your local network after installing KB4088776, blame this update. Many users complained they can’t find their drivers and other devices as if these items suddenly became invisible.

After updating with KB4088776 and rebooting my PC, whole local network “disappear”. In the explorer (see img) there are not any ather divice (laptops, PC, NAT server et.) The update rool-over my network drivers from Intel to Microsoft. I rool-back my drivers, than try with newest one, but no result.

3. Shutdown issues

Other users reported that the shutdown process fails to complete, causing various reboot issues and slowdowns. When users hit the Shutdown button, the system hangs for quite a while, failing to power off completely.

after yesterdays installation of KB4088776 which worked ok my 16299.309 desktop workstation doesn’t behave as it normally would. […] Now the system when being restarted uses a processor reset which takes a little longer. To me it seems as if the shutdown isn’t proceeded as normally would and thus the system doesn’t come up itself timely and then uses a processor reset to come up at all. This conforms to the second problem of not being able to shutdown normally. After issuing a shutdown the system hangs and does not power-off. I then have to power-off manually.

4. White noise affecting headsets

Many Windows 10 users heard a strange white noise after installing this update. Despite muting the microphone, the noise is still there.

After the most recent update my computer got,Cumulative Update (KB4088776), my logitech G430 headphones encounter an unusual issue. […] However when the mic is unmuted, I hear white noise and I can hear myself through my headset. […] I’ve tried to isolate the issue to see if it was an voice application running on my desktop or in background, but I discovered it isn’t.

For more information on how to fix white noise issues, check out this troubleshooting guide.

5. Browsers fail to work

If your third-party browser is unresponsive or fails to connect to the Internet, maybe you should simply uninstall the latest Windows 10 updates.

I can no longer access the Internet using either Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. Edge and IE continue to work. Both FireFox and Chrome claim to be blocked by the Windows Firewall or Proxy server, but I checked my settings and both are allowed.

These are the most common issues reported by Windows 10 users. If you encountered other problems after installing KB4088776, tell us more about your experience in the comments below.


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Update ran and installed the week prior. Then after one PC failed to go into full sleep (a common problem with old hardware of this PC running Windows 10) the PC had to be restarted and the user profile corrupted to logging into a temp profile. Now the update is stuck in a reinstall loop at its 12th attempt with error 0x80240034.

I’ve seen this issue twice already, so I thought I’d report it.

Monitor will lose signal spontaneously, and only a hard reboot will get it back up and running. This continues throughout the day. Uninstalling this update and reinstalling it seems to solve the problem.

I uninstalled both the update and ZoneAlarm. Then turned off updates for 30 days then reinstalled ZoneAlarm and rebooted. No issues so far. Go to windows installed updates select the update then uninstall.

Really buggy. I have to go around and fiddle with File Explorer poking at local networks before I get ANY connectivity. This is the case on all my computers around the house. If I VPN out for a bit and come back, similar issues trying to get back on my local network..

I thought the update KB4088776 was finished, but today it prompted out again and re-looped several times, still not successful finally.