Fix the Minecraft VPN Problem Now [Easy Fix to Login & Play]

Use a reliable VPN such as our recommendation to lift any restrictions

by Vlad Constantinescu
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  • Many Minecraft players have complained that they can't reach Mojang servers with VPNs.
  • Instead, they encounter the Minecraft You seem to be using a VPN or proxy error message.
  • There's a bunch of reasons why Minecraft might block VPN users.
  • However, not all VPN services are blocked by Mojang. Check out our guide and learn more.

Many Minecraft players have complained that they can’t connect to the Mojang servers with a VPN. A few years ago, the Mojang Support team has stated that they don’t support the use of a VPN.

VPNs are not supported by Minecraft

Despite fans complaining about this situation, and demanding explanations, the conversation ended there.

All the while more and more players came to realize that when it comes to Minecraft, VPN isn’t a valid alternative to bypass certain geo-restrictions and server-blocking situations.

The certain thing is that users all around the world can’t connect to Minecraft while using a VPN. Users get several types of error messages when facing a VPN problem in Minecraft:

  • You cannot connect on a VPN or Proxy in Minecraft
  • Please Disconnect from your Proxy or VPN before joining Minecraft
  • Your IP has been identified as a VPN or Proxy in Minecraft

Although no official reason has been released by the team behind this game, we have a few guesses.

Does VPN affect Minecraft?

Using a VPN will have an effect on your Minecraft experience. We advise you use a reputable client to get the best experience.

Given that the platform blocks VPN, we advise you use obfuscated servers or double VPN features.

When you use a VPN, your traffic is sent through more tunnels than regular traffic, and if you don’t use a good service, this can lead to slower connections.

On the other hand, a good VPN can actually help increase Internet speed. If you connect to a VPN server that’s close in location to the Minecraft servers, you may be able to reduce ping and lag.

Why can’t I log into Minecraft while using a VPN?

1. Helps schools (and other organizations) block Minecraft effectively

Sometimes schools (and other organizations) enforce restrictions on certain online content, and Minecraft isn’t an exception.

Using a VPN should technically lift these restrictions. The solution? Restrict VPN users from connecting to the game servers.

2. Prevent IP-banned users bypass their penalties

Surely, this could only work if the player didn’t receive an account-wide ban from the server, or if they have multiple accounts.

Still, it’s a good measure to take against abusive/fraudulent users, so this could be another reason.

3. To block players who aren’t supposed to play the game

In some countries such as China, the standard version of Minecraft is not available. However, thanks to technological advancements, users can resort to VPNs to avoid censorship and geo-blocking without too much effort.

Thus, blocking VPN users who might try to bypass these restrictions could’ve been a valid reason.

4. Blocking password brute-forcing attempts

Last, but not least, restricting public VPN users from connecting to the Mojang servers is a great way to eliminate, or at least curb brute-forcing password attempts.

How do I bypass a VPN block in Minecraft?

It appears that Minecraft didn’t ban all VPNs from attempting to connect to their servers. Therefore, it only makes sense to find the right provider, the one that isn’t blacklisted, right?

We’ve tried a bunch of VPNs earlier in our tests and achieved not-so-great results. As you’d expect, we couldn’t connect to the Mojang servers, but we could still play the game offline or in LAN mode.

Just as we were about to give up, we found that PIA (Private Internet Access) works like a charm.

At first, we thought we weren’t connected to the VPN server, so we double-checked. Needless to say, we were, in fact, connected

But then we thought it was just a coincidence, so we tried multiple servers from several countries. Even more, we could even host our own public Minecraft servers with no issues.  Long story short, we never got locked out while using PIA.

Use PIA to connect to Minecraft

If you want an all-around VPN service that you don’t have to turn off while playing Minecraft we recommend PIA.

It’s one of the best VPNs you can download for Windows 10, did great in all of our tests, has fast servers, and provides you with unmatched security.

Private Internet Access

Bypass blocks and connect to Minecraft while keeping your privacy in check.
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Minecraft servers that allow VPN

It’s been reported that some users of the same VPN have been able to connect to Minecraft whilst others have not.

Turns out that it’s possible that you can remain undetected, but there’s no guarantee. Using a VPN like PIA and activating obfuscation mode and double VPN is the most secure way to access Minecraft.

These features highly encrypt data and hide the fact that you use a VPN in the first place.

Additionally, you don’t even have to switch servers once you’re done playing. You can connect to your favorite server and forget it’s even there. Every service you’ll access through it will work flawlessly.

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