Navigate through the Registry Editor (regedit) with the new address bar

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The latest Windows 10 Preview build 14942 mainly focused on improving the system’s features, and bringing some new options to them. One of the nicest touches from the new build is definitely the introduction of an address bar for the Registry Editor (regedit).

Address bar in the Registry Editor will certainly make it easier for user to browse it, and organize. It looks similarly to the address bar in the File Explorer, as it shows the complete path of registry key you’re currently on. So, if you need to go to a complicated registry key path you’ve just found online, there’s no need to open each key individually, as you can past the whole path into the address bar.

“For our power users, we have added something special in this build – Registry Editor (regedit) now has an address bar! This enables you to easily see your current registry key path, and copy it if needed. You can also paste or type in paths, and pressing enter will take you to that location. You can use Alt + D to set focus to the address bar.”

Registry Editor is one of the longest-standing features of Windows, but it didn’t receive many changes through years. However, in Windows 10, Microsoft keeps improving it to provide the best possible experience for users in this sensitive tool.

As you probably know, the address bar in the Registry Editor is only available to Insiders running at least Windows 10 Preview build 14942. We expect Microsoft to release it to regular users with the next major update for Windows 10, the Redstone 2 update.

What do you think about the introduction of the address bar in the Registry Editor? Will it make browsing through registry keys easier? Tell us in the comments.



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