6 best remote desktop tools for poor connections

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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  • If you have a poor Internet connection, you need a remote desktop that optimizes the bandwidth usage to keep it stable.
  • The remote control software on this list have multiple layers of protection to keep your data safe.
  • We've included low latency remote control programs that work with multiple platforms.
Best remote desktop tools for poor connections

These apps are used by companies, especially those that have customer support, to simplify the process of communicating and interacting with users and coworkers, showcasing, and troubleshooting issues.

However, in order for the process to be smooth and everything to work properly, the connection between the two connected devices should be good as well.

How can I use a remote desktop tool if I have a weak connection?

Unfortunately, if one of the linked devices has a poor Internet connection, it will cause latency and other problems that will ruin the session.

Thankfully, companies thought about these possible issues, and they developed software that optimizes its data usage in order for the program to not consume lots of your bandwidth.

That’s why we performed a research and found the best remote desktop tools that can help you in such a situation.

What are the best remote desktop tools for poor connections?

AnyDesk – Fastest connection tool

AnyDesk is a highly optimized and user-friendly remote control software used by millions of people worldwide. The tool lets you use your device from anywhere.

With an exceptional speed and encryption level that matches the bank standards, it’s easily the safest yet a powerful remote desktop tool available.

Compatibility is not an issue when we talk about AnyDesk, since it supports all platforms, all devices, and operating systems.

In terms of performance, AnyDesk offers an innovative DeskRT codec that ensures low latency and high framerates, which are critical for a smooth remote-working experience.

The special algorithm allows the users to operate at up to a max of 100 kb/s even on the highest resolutions.

Let’s have a look at AnyDesk’s other key features:

  • No installation needed
  • Works with all platforms
  • Advanced security with military-grade TLS technology
  • RSA 2048 encryption
  • Low bandwidth


This awesome tool lets you remotely control your desktop with the lowest possible bandwidth constumption.
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Mikogo – Best for connecting from mobile devices

Mikogo is a web-based collaboration software that is compatible with all devices, works cross-platform, and doesn’t eat up any of your resources.

It makes screen sharing a breeze during an online meet or training. Keeps your sales presentations secured with no download option for participants.

The software allows you to connect via the major mobile platforms like Android and iOS, or through the web browser on your mobile device.

All you need to do to run Mikogo is to sign-up for free on their site. If you are a phone user, you also have the option of downloading the phone app besides using your browser.

What’s great about this software is that it has low data consumption, which makes it work flawlessly even on low internet connections.

Let’s see some of Mikogo’s other core features:

  • Cross-platform
  • You can switch the presenter
  • Voice and chat conferencing
  • Session scheduler
  • App selection & multi-monitor
  • Session recording
  • File transfer
  • Multi-user whiteboard with annotation tools


Hold meetings and presentations for your work and school with low internet connections.
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Parallels Access – Best all-round applications

Easily connect to any of your devices from anywhere in the world thanks to Parallels Access. This software allows you to use your desktop on your phone as if it were a mobile app.

This includes all the native desktop applications you have installed. Their unique technology will convert their UI into one compatible with phone and touch use.

Besides providing you with full access to your desktop in one tap, the software is well optimized and will not consume much of your bandwidth, which is great for lower internet connections.

Moreover, it features over 30 one-touch tools to help you perform your everyday tasks, effortlessly on your Mac and Windows systems.

Whether you want to run Windows on a Chrome enterprise device, access data, run applications from any OS and device, or from any location, Parallels supports all your remote desktop needs on Mac.

Let’s take a look at the software’s key features:

  • Seamless navigation and UI control
  • Full-screen applications
  • Magnifying glass
  • Optimized screen resolution
  • iPad multitasking
  • Access and transfer files between cross-platform devices
  • Access microphone
Parallels Access

Parallels Access

Easily connect and manage your devices with one of the most optimized and comprehensive software, Parallels Access.
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Radmin VPN – Ideal for privacy protection

Radmin VPN is a free tool that creates a Virtual Private Network, allowing all connected devices to easily access each other through remote control from any distance.

This free and user-friendly software allows you to securely connect computers with a firewall lock and a trusted 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption.

The VPN is easy to install, easy to manage, and also updates automatically whenever there is a new update.

The software benefits from high speed and latency-free bandwidth which allows an unlimited number of users with no effect on its connection.

We have to mention that the software is capable of keeping a steady connection of up to 100 mb/s, during any kind of task you perform on the controlled computer.

Radmin VPN’s key features:

  • Secure VPN tunnel and data encryption
  • Reliable, does not malfunction after continuous operation
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Low-latency and bandwidth consumption
Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN

Radmin VPN will ensure the smoothest experience and remote desktop sessions.
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SupRemo – Best for reliable and secure connections

Nobody likes having connection issues while they are using remote desktop apps. SupRemo is a reliable, affordable, and secure remote access tool that will not give you a stable and smooth connection.

You can use it during traveling, at home, or anywhere else, from your smartphone, tablet, PC, from platforms such as Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Not only does SupRemo provide a flawless connection, but the program is also completely free for non-professional and/or non-continuous use, so you can benefit from all of its features without paying a dime.

The program can also be purchased by companies for professional use at an extremely low price of $6/month per user in case you need to perform multiple sessions simultaneously.

Additionally, the licenses allow unlimited installations to an endless number of devices, so you can use it on multiple systems. What really matters is the number of simultaneous connections.

There is no actual restriction or limit to the number of endpoints or seats where you install the license.

SupRemo provides flexible plans for the business as well. There’s the possibility of buying quarterly and annual plans that will be modulated according to the number of active sessions at a time.

The free 21 days trial includes the full product with all of its amazing features:

  • Installation as a service means the app doesn’t require attended access from the controlled device
  • Security measures to keep sensitive data private, such as Encrypted connections and Allowed ID
  • File Transfer to distribute data between PCs and Remote Printing to print all of your work
  • Online Address Book for contact distribution between SupRemo users
  • Online Reports for monitoring the connections made throughout the day
  • A Customizable interface that includes the brand name, info, and references
  • Chat functions for more clarity through instant messaging
  • Automatic Update to keep up with the newest versions of the app

Get SupRemo

ConnectWise Control – Great for automating services

ConnectWise Control is next-generation support and a secures remote access program which allows you to fully control other devices.

Offers a superior experience with its remote control software and fast, secure, and flexible remote access, next-gen IT documentation for the tech support staff of your organization, and more.

The software is protected by multi-factor authentification, SSL encryption, user-management security settings, and role-based security.

Additionally, the program works with other popular software brands, such as Acronis, allowing you to add extensions and integrations of other well-known programs that you love and use already.

You can download the app on your phone, or on your desktop. Your other connected devices will be saved on a special list, which contains lots of other information about them.

ConnectWise Control’s other main features:

  • Optimized connection with no interruptions
  • Secured information
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Extensions

Get ConnectWise Control

These remote control apps should work even with low internet bandwidth, so you don’t need to worry about losing your connection and interruptions while using them.

You might be also interested in our list including the best remote control software for Windows 10/11.

If you have any other software suggestions, or if you wish to give us your experience with one of these apps, please do so in the comment section below.

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