Best VPNs for Germany to bypass geo-restrictions in 2019

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Even if you live in one of the most developed countries in the world, where everything seems to work perfectly, computer privacy is often under attack For this reason precisely, it becomes very  important to know what the best VPNs for Germany are.

Why should I use a VPN in Germany?

Without a doubt, there are many reasons why you should install a reliable VPN tool while in Germany. Here are some of the main advantages to using a software solution.

  • Watch YouTube without annoying blocks

In Germany, some YouTube content is blocked. For example, you open a video of your favorite song on YouTube but you run into the annoying message: “Sorry, this video is not available in your country“.

So, if you’re leaving for Germany, get ready, this message (in German) will appear to you very often. Videos available and visible in other countries are sometimes blocked in Germany due to the access restrictions.

  • Safely download data and files

Network and Internet control and censorship is sometimes used in Germany. Neighboring Switzerland is not far behind either.

In Germany, it is forbidden to download files covered by copyright. German providers are not only slowing down the file download but they also analyse the traffic. This traffic analysis allows them to inform the competent authorities in case of suspicious downloads.

Thanks to this article, you can then safely download files and bypassing any geographical block.

  • Watch Sky Go and access Netflix

Another reason to use VPN in Germany is Soccer! Thanks to a good VPN, you’ll be able to access the Internet from a different virtual location. In this manner, you can watch your favorite soccer games in Germany. You will not miss the best games and sporting events.

Moreover, the Netflix catalog varies from one country to another. If you’re in Germany but you do not speak German, Netflix really does not give you much. With an adequate selection of the best VPN to use in Germany, you can access the complete Netflix catalog of the country of your choice.

How to unlock YouTube through a VPN in Germany

Install one of the best VPNs for Germany and you’ll be able to navigate with a different geo location address. In this manner, you’ll access YouTube as if you were comfortably seated on your parents’ couch in another part of the world.

Germany is a beautiful country with many opportunities but also some online limitations and restrictions. Thanks to virtual private networks, you can bypass these limitations and protect your privacy.

What are the best VPNs to use in Germany?

To help you out, we’re going to look at 3 top providers that are reliable and can deliver. Here’s the range of benefits you’ll be reaching:

  • Fast internet connections.
  • Affordable subscription fee.
  • Strong encryption & privacy policies.
  • Wide range of servers in Germany and beyond.
  • Reputation as a reliable service provider with a proven track record.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN has a large selection of servers, making it the best option for online anonymity. The service features thousands of server locations worldwide and protects your data with 128-bit encryption technology. However, by becoming a premium member,  you can enjoy top-notch 256-bit encryption. The installation is simple, but if you encounter any difficulties, a guide is available on CyberGhost’s website.

The variety proposed by CyberGhost VPN is not comparable with any of the services examined so far. Its servers are located in 17 countries worldwide, including the United States, Russia, Romania, Germany and Switzerland. The wide selection of servers allows you to have maximum anonymity when surfing the Internet. If a server were to turn off (a rather unlikely event), you can choose between other servers, ensuring continuity of the connection.

The service is also available on Apple and Android, with the ability to navigate safely even with smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, the proxy does not work for multiple devices if you are a free user. To get all the benefits of this service you must be a premium or premium plus subscriber.

The premium subscription has something more to offer.

Why choose CyberGhost?
cyberghost vpn for windows logo
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Over 5600 servers worldwide
  • Great price plans
  • Excellent support

As a premium member, there will be no bandwidth restrictions. If you are using the free service, the maximum rate will be 1 M per second and the rules for using your internet provider’s data will be applied!

This proxy service is easy to install and guarantees anonymous browsing with good data protection. Technical support is of excellent quality, the forum and blog keep up to date with the latest news. Given these premises, it is really appropriate to carry out a test with CyberGhost VPN.

Cyberghost offers three levels of service: free, premium and premium plus. Payments for registration can be monthly or yearly. They allow you to remove the ads, present in the free version and provide additional features. The premium plus option has all the features of the premium. In addition, it allows the user to connect 5 devices and not just 1.

This article continues on the next page. If you are looking for more VPN options, please see our wide collection.