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Most antivirus has added web filtering and blocking capabilities which was formerly restricted to Internet filter software. Internet filtering works by giving users the access to create specific user identity or username for every member of your family that uses a computer device.

However, this gives you the power to set restriction to some websites for certain members based on age or maturity level. This can block access to websites flagged for certain contents such as pornography, drugs or violence.

The web blocker scans through the site content before it is displayed on your computer screen and blocks inappropriate websites.

Do you care for an antivirus program with web filtering? Read on, this post is meant for you.

Best Antivirus with web filtering to use in 2018


BitDefender Total Security

BitDefender is one of the top most antivirus company in the world and proves so yearly with its annual release of security software that always rate at the top.

Users that need total Security for their multiple devices have the BitDefender Total Security to take care of their needs. BitDefender Total Security is one of the most feature rich suites available in the industry.

BitDefender gives excellent marks in malware detection tests and does not use much of the system resources while scanning. It also has a good false positives rating which means it doesn’t block safe websites and identifies malicious websites well.

The antivirus software blocks ransomware and protects against phishing websites that try to steal login credentials. It also scans removable drives and eliminates threats.

In addition, this program also comes with file shredder which permanently removes deleted files from your hard drive. It also has 2GB online backup to keep important files as a preventive measure against system crash.

The firewall gives extra layers of protection against hacks and exploits attacks by performing repairs on program and windows as patches are released.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware (suggested)

Antivirus with web blocker - Emsisoft

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is an extremely powerful security software with a redesigned interface, significant improvements and official awards from AV-comparatives and Virus Bulletin.

The surf protection was recently improved to recognize suspicious hosts and provide maximum security against the latest malicious websites.

The program will automatically block three categories of suspicious hosts:

The other type of hosts that fall under the “privacy risks” category are not automatically blocked as this includes some websites used for advertising or tracking.

In the Protection menu if you go to Surf Protection and select an option from the Privacy risks drop-down menu, you will be prompted with an Alert for this type of websites.

Antivirus with web filtering - Emsisoft Surf Protection Alert

It’s recommended to use the default setting “Block and notify” so that you will know instantly when a connection has been blocked. This gives you a clear notification when a certain website has not loaded.

This reliable antivirus comes on a more affordable price and offers high-performance security. Check out more on the official website and give it a try.


Comodo Internet Security Premium

comodo antivirus

Unlike most of the web blocker and filtering antivirus on this list, Comodo Internet Security is free to use. The internet security is quite easy to set-up. The American based antivirus company produces a unique Security suite which uses a firewall system.

This antivirus has a URL filtering feature which filters traffics and blocks infected websites traffic from entering your browser. It also detects phishing websites and gives adequate protection against these websites.

When about to enter a recognized shopping site, for example Amazon, Comodo offers you options such as secure shopping environment or you can continue with your unsecured browser.

Comodo Internet Security Premium secure shopping environment helps to protect your online transactions from external snoops. Programs running in this mode are isolated from programs in your desktop.

In this secure mode, keyloggers can’t capture your keystrokes or take screen shots.  It also warns of hidden leaks in your Wi-Fi network and stops exploit attacks.

Furthermore, this antivirus software has lots of good features combining antivirus protection with website filtering. It also uses a unique firewall system and users can perform secure transactions with its secure shopping environment.

Download Comodo Internet Security Premium


Sophos Home

Microsoft Word antivirus
Sophos Antivirus is more known for providing protection for big business and organisations. This antivirus gives excellent web protection and monitors incoming traffic and blocks access to infected and suspicious websites. It also scores highly in identifying and blocking phishing websites.

In addition, it has high phishing detection rates and is among the highest in the field in this category and offers quality protection to Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

This program also excels in URL filtering by filtering websites that hosts malware and ransomware and prevents their traffic from reaching your browser.

Meanwhile, the dashboard gives access to remotely monitor and control the antivirus. It lists all your activities and shows details of alerts, website blocked and threat removed.

Also, this program gives you option to ignore or remove suspicious programs and files.

Download Sophos Home


Symantec Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier
Symantec, the company behind the popular Norton antivirus also offers Internet filtering software which delivers up to the standard expected from any Norton product.

Norton family premier is not an antivirus per say but more of monitoring and parental control software.

Norton family user interface is quite easy on the eye as menu are separated using large tabs and icons. The main window has three menus Device, Children and Parents.

You can configure any of the categories according to your preferences and add or reduce restrictions in certain sections.

However, the central aspect of this software is the web filtering which stops children from entering inappropriate websites. You can choose to select the level of supervision from High, which blocks access completely, to Moderate which gives warning but allows access, to Low which only monitors but blocks nothing.

In addition, Norton family also uses advanced web tracking features on windows for social network videos and filters for inappropriate HTTPS sites.

When used in conjunction with the standalone Norton antivirus it gives totally protection against malicious web malwares, phishing websites and ransomware.

There is also a safe search option which blocks any website that is inappropriate and malicious when using search engines like Google, Bing and

Download Symantec Norton Family Premier

Do share with us your experience in using any of the antivirus with web filtering features we mentioned above.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been since updated for freshness and accuracy.