11 Best Web Filtering Solutions to Block Threats & Websites

Filter malicious web pages and content with these great antiviruses

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Key notes

  • An antivirus with built-in web filtering can protect you and your family against harmful websites that lead to malware or steal your data.
  • They use top-level technology to filter and block access to suspicious pages before they infect your PC.
  • Find below great options to secure your online payments, protect your identity and monitor your child’s online activity.

Most antivirus has added web filtering and blocking capabilities which were formerly restricted to Internet filter software.

Internet filtering works by giving users access to create a specific user identity or username for every member of their family that uses a computer device.

However, this gives you the power to set restrictions on some websites for certain members based on age or maturity level. This can block access to websites flagged for specific content, such as pornography, drugs, or violence.

The web blocker scans through the site content before it is displayed on your computer screen and blocks inappropriate websites.

What does online privacy mean?

Online privacy is the process of protecting yourself while connected to the Internet. Learn how to stop online tracking.

Do you care for an antivirus program with web filtering? Read on; this post is meant for you.

What is the best Antivirus with web filtering to use?

ESET HOME Security Essential – Best multi-layered protection

ESET HOME Security Essential offers an advanced level of protection against various online threats. This is necessary software for anyone who values his online privacy.

It will ensure all the necessary protection for any active person who uses the Internet to buy, work, communicate, and do online banking. It is versatile software compatible with any Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android device.

This antivirus has a web control option and a parental control feature. The PC admin can use it to block access to harmful or inappropriate websites.

ESET HOME Security Essential also has a strong firewall to protect your online connection. Paired with the network inspector feature, it will block any suspicious network activity and alert you right away.

Protecting you and your family from phishing attempts is a good option. The built-in anti-phishing feature blocks all known malicious websites.

It also uses advanced machine learning to detect potentially harmful activity from web pages that have not yet been stored in the database.

Other key features of ESET HOME Security Essential include:

  • Cloud-powered scanning
  • Script-based attack protection
  • UEFI Scanner
  • WMI Scanner
  • Ransomware protection
  • Anti-spyware

Make sure your computer is protected from unauthorized access and keep your data safe and secured with ESET HOME Security Essential. Use safe e-wallets and make online payments without having to worry about compromised data.

ESET HOME Security Essential

It offers advanced protection for your computer against a great variety of online threats.
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Guard.io – Best shield for browser-based attacks

Guard.io provides real-time security and prevention when you browse, make online payments, stream, download attachments from emails, and visit particularly harmful websites.

This is not an antivirus program with web filtering capabilities but rather an antivirus extension for Edge, Chrome, and Firefox with advanced safeguarding abilities.

Guard.io is a source of browser protection and data breach monitoring for a safe digital environment for anybody who spends significant time doing online research.

Phishing is the most prevalent online danger today, with over 200,000 online assaults occurring each year, and Guard.io, combined with a trustworthy antivirus, is a must-have on your browser.

These are the main features of Guard.io:

  • Blocks unwanted popups
  • Alerts on harmful sites
  • Prevents information leaks
  • Restricts harmful apps
  • Checks on system health

Guard.io prevents abusive alerts and explicit content from appearing on your computer by deleting malware. Guard.io also monitors push provider connections to provide a broader blocking range, and it may work wonders if you have it installed on all browsers you use.


Real-time web filtering that detects phishing attempts, harmful advertisements, and data breaches.

TotalAV – Best system maintenance and browsing security

TotalAV is an amazing antivirus that provides great security and PC maintenance options. Take care of your system from multiple sides.

You will feel protected knowing it has real-time protection and prevention against viruses, malware, and other online threats. Security is the main focus of this antivirus software.

As for web surfing, it has more features than you can think of. With active WebShield, everything you access, download, and click is verified and scanned for risks.

Web filtering is at its peak since it automatically blocks any malicious web pages, only shows you verified web results, and stops intrusive trackers before they can take control of your privacy.

Let’s see some of the perks of using TotalAV:

  • Blocks ads and disables notifications for faster page loading
  • Included VPN to access geo-restricted websites and content
  • Password vault manager and random password generator
  • Zero-day cloud scanning and PUA protection

TotalAV also comes with tune-up tools for your workstation. Clean junk files and temporary folders from the disk as well as manage and clear your browser to enhance the experience of browsing.


Stay totally safe while engaging with your favorite online content with TotalAV.
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Avira Antivirus Pro – Advanced detection and filtering

antivirus old pc best antivirus without ads for PC

Avira Antivirus blocks every month more than 25 million infected websites, 8 million phishing attacks, and over 1.4 million ransomware attacks. Avira is a performant antivirus that offers strong protection against malware for Windows and Mac devices.

Avira will contain an advanced detection system to prevent ransomware and zero-day exploits from reaching your computer. Fully benefit from its web protection while doing online banking or shopping.

Allow this professional program to detect malware, clean your computer, and bring it to an optimized state.

The tool combines machine learning algorithms with AI intelligence to see how web attackers operate and block day-one threats.

It protects you from email-based attacks that include malware-infected links or phishing attempts.

Other key features of Avira Antivirus Pro include:

  • Potential unwanted apps shield
  • Anti-tracking feature for your browser
  • Adblocker
  • Protection against viruses, ransomware, trojans, and more

Use its Next ID theft protection so that you can make banking operations anywhere without worrying about the most performant phishing attacks.

Avira Antivirus Pro

Keep your computer highly protected against viruses, malware, scams, and phishing attacks with Avira!
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Bitdefender Total Security – Best for multiple devices

antivirus web filtering

Bitdefender is one of the topmost antivirus companies in the world and proves so yearly with its annual release of security software that always rates at the top.

Users that need total Security for their multiple devices have the BitDefender Total Security to take care of their needs. BitDefender Total Security is one of the most feature-rich suites available in the industry.

BitDefender gives excellent marks in malware detection tests and does not use many system resources while scanning.

It also has a good false positives rating, meaning it doesn’t block safe websites and identifies malicious websites well.

The antivirus software blocks ransomware and protects against phishing websites that try to steal login credentials. It also scans removable drives and eliminates threats.

In addition, this program also comes with a file shredder that permanently removes deleted files from your hard drive. It also has 2GB online backup to keep important files as a preventive measure against system crashes.

Other key features of Bitdefender Total Security include:

  • Built-in VPN for online privacy
  • Dedicated safe browser
  • Online shopping and banking protection
  • Automatic don’t disturb modes for gaming and streaming

The firewall gives extra layers of protection against hacks and exploits attacks by performing repairs on programs and windows as patches are released.

Bitdefender Total Security

Want the best security against all Internet threats? Bitdefender is your best bet.
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VIPRE Antivirus Plus – Straightforward UI

router antivirus

VIPRE is tested every year by independent antivirus authorities, and each time, they earn top ratings for their security systems.

That’s the reason why we recommend VIPRE Antivirus Plus, which also has an excellent web filtering feature. It’s light on your system, but it offers one of the best real-time protection on the market.

This solution is always on the lookout for all types of viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, and other threats. It can even protect you from polymorphic malware that changes its signature to escape detection.

It has a cloud-based website blocker with an up-to-date database of all malicious websites.

With Vipre, you also protect yourself against email attacks. It scans all incoming messages for infected attachments or malicious links.

Other key features of Vipre Antivirus Plus include:

  • Customizable firewall
  • Spam filter for emails
  • Integrated file eraser
  • Browser cleaner

VIPRE Antivirus Plus has a trial version but even if you decide to purchase it, you will still have a 30-day money-back guaranteed policy if you decide it’s not for you.

VIPRE Antivirus Plus

An excellent web filtering solution that uses machine learning to identify threats before they even attack.
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Emsisoft Anti-Malware – Well-rounded affordable antivirus

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is an extremely powerful security software with a redesigned interface, significant improvements, and official awards from AV-comparatives and Virus Bulletin.

The surf protection was recently improved to recognize suspicious hosts and provide maximum security against the latest malicious websites.

The program will automatically block three categories of suspicious hosts: malware hosts, phishing hosts, and PUP hosts.

The other types of hosts that fall under the “privacy risks” category are not automatically blocked, as this includes some websites used for advertising or tracking.

In the Protection menu, if you go to Surf Protection and select an option from the Privacy risks drop-down menu, you will be prompted with an Alert for this type of website.

Using the default setting Block and notify is recommended so that you will know instantly when a connection has been blocked. This gives you a clear notification when a particular website has not loaded.

Other key features of Emsisoft Anti-Malware include:

  • Machine learning-based behavior blocker
  • Automatic updates
  • Remote management
  • Scheduled scan
  • Advanced infection cleaning
  • Browser security

This reliable antivirus comes at a more affordable price and offers high-performance security. Check out more on the official website and give it a try.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Get Emsisoft Anti-Malware and keep your computer free from malicious and unwanted software.
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Sophos Home – Best anti-phishing technology

Dashboard Sophos Central

Sophos Antivirus is more known for providing protection for big businesses and organizations. This antivirus gives excellent web protection, monitors incoming traffic, and blocks access to infected and suspicious websites.

It also scores highly in identifying and blocking phishing websites that try to steal your private data, like credit card info, address, or full name.

In addition, it has high phishing detection rates and is among the highest in the field in this category and offers quality protection to Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

This program also excels in URL filtering by filtering websites that host malware and ransomware and prevent their traffic from reaching your browser.

Meanwhile, the dashboard gives access to monitor and control the antivirus remotely. It lists all your activities and shows details of alerts, a website blocked, and the threat removed.

Other key features of Sophos home include:

  • PC cleaning and optimization features
  • Online shopping protection
  • Parental controls for web filtering
  • AI threat detection
  • Dedicated customer support

This program gives you the option to ignore or remove suspicious programs and files. So if you are 100% that a page that is identified as suspicious is actually safe, you can access it in a few clicks.

Sophos Home

Sophos Home offers web protection, monitors incoming traffic and blocks access to any suspicious websites.
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Symantec Norton Family Premier – Customizable parental controls

Symantec, the company behind the popular Norton antivirus also offers Internet filtering software that delivers up to the standard expected from any Norton product.

Norton family premier is not an antivirus per se but more of monitoring and parental control software.

Norton’s family user interface is quite easy on the eye as the menu is separated using large tabs and icons. The main window has three menus: Device, Children, and Parents.

You can configure any of the categories according to your preferences and add or reduce restrictions in certain sections.

However, the central aspect of this software is web filtering, which stops children from entering inappropriate websites. You can choose to select the level of supervision from High, which blocks access completely, to Moderate, which gives a warning but allows access, to Low which only monitors but blocks nothing.

In addition, the Norton family also uses advanced web tracking features on Windows for social network videos and filters for inappropriate HTTPS sites.

When used in conjunction with the standalone Norton antivirus it gives totally protection against malicious web malware, phishing websites, and ransomware.

Other key features of Norton Symantec Family Premier include:

  • Time spent on PC monitoring
  • Email alerting feature
  • Mobile app monitoring
  • By-request email reports on user activity

There is also a safe search option that blocks any website that is inappropriate and malicious when using search engines like Google, Bing, and Ask.com.

Norton Symantec Family Premier

Norton Symantec Family Premier allows parents to teach their children how to use electronic devices.
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Avast Free Antivirus – Great free antivirus with a small footprint

Keep your computer free from viruses and malware with Avast Free Antivirus, and allow this software to keep your home network safe against intruders.

This is one of the best free antivirus utilities you can find on the web. It uses advanced web filtering to make sure you don’t access suspicious websites.

Not only that, but it also has a very nice and silent app that can run in the background and keep you safe with minimal system impact.

Plus, it has a Do Not Disturb Mode that you can use to pause intrusive notifications whenever you play a game, make a presentation or watch a movie.

You can get a Premium or Ultimate plan subscription if you want increased protection.

These include additional benefits like a cleanup utility, an anti-tracking feature, and a VPN. They have more advanced technology to block unsafe websites and secure against phishing attempts.

Other key features of Avira Antivirus Free include:

  • Cloud-based filtering
  • Network inspector for public Wi-Fi
  • Smart scan feature for software and add-ons

Take advantage of its easy-to-use interface to run advanced application protection and avoid any web-based threats, viruses, or ransomware attacks.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Antivirus protects your computer and home network from viruses, malware, and intruders.
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Comodo Internet Security Premium – Strong firewall and traffic filtering

Unlike most of the web blocker and filtering antivirus on this list, Comodo Internet Security is free to use. Internet security is quite easy to set up.

The American-based antivirus company produces a unique Security suite that uses a firewall system.

This antivirus has a URL filtering feature that filters traffic and blocks infected website traffic from entering your browser. It also detects phishing websites and gives adequate protection against these websites.

When about to enter a recognized shopping site, for example, Amazon, Comodo offers you options such as a secure shopping environment, or you can continue with your unsecured browser.

Comodo Internet Security Premium’s secure shopping environment helps to protect your online transactions from external snoops. Programs running in this mode are isolated from programs on your desktop.

In this secure mode, keyloggers can’t capture your keystrokes or take screenshots.  It also warns of hidden leaks in your Wi-Fi network and stops exploit attacks.

Furthermore, this antivirus software has lots of good features, combining antivirus protection with website filtering.

Other key features of Comodo Internet Security include:

  • Anti-rootkit scanner
  • Sandbox technology to check unknown files for infections
  • Dedicated shield for important system files
  • Cutting-edge malware removal technology

With this powerful security utility, you can surf the web without worrying about being tracked down. It secures your payments and protects you against trackers.

Get Comodo Internet Security Premium

If you’re not a fan of third-party solutions, we have a guide on how to block a website in Chrome without any additional tools.

Do share with us your experience in using any of the antiviruses with the web filtering features we mentioned above.

If you have any suggestions or want to tell us about your experience with any of these antiviruses, please feel free to use the comment section below.