Windows 10 build 16176 bugs: Install fails, GSOD, USB scanners don’t work, and more

By: Madeleine Dean
2 minute read

The second Windows 10 Redstone 3 PC build brings two new features to the table as well as a series of bug fixes. More specifically, Windows 10 build 16176 adds serial device support to Windows Subsystem for Linux and allows users to trigger a bug check by holding the power button for 7 seconds.

As expected, build 16176 also brings issues of its own. In this article, we’re going to list the most common Windows 10 build 16176 bugs reported by Insiders.

Windows 10 build 16176 reported issues

Install issues

If you’ve experienced install issues, you’re not the only one. Many Insiders report that they can’t install Windows 10 build 16176 because their computers revert to the previous build. Others say that after the first restart, they are requested to either troubleshoot their PCs or shut them down.

Just tried to install build 16176 Goes through the whole process and after restart I’m presented with a blue screen with 2 options:  troubleshoot or turn off PC.  I turn off PC then restart and goes back to build 16170. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Build 16176 crashes

Insiders who managed to install Windows 10 build 16176 report that they can’t use their computers due to frequent crashes. Fortunately, one resourceful Insider found out how to fix this issue: it appears that disabling the Intel SGX AESM service fixes the problem.

For me after a clean boot and install, I have found that need to keep disabling this service: Intel® SGX AESM

otherwise it would always crash the build 16176.

Green Screen of Death

It appears that the new Game Mode is causing GSOD issues on build 16176. Gamers report that their computers crash as soon as they hit the play button. Turning off Game Mode seems to fix the problem.

So just updated to 16176. Starting up Diablo 3 crashes to the green screen of death. NVidia drivers on GTX 970. No problems with previous build. Happens every time.

NVIDIA drivers won’t install

It appears that there is some sort of incompatibility between the Windows 10 build 16176 and NVIDIA’s drivers.

Can’t install any Nvidia driver using build 16176.rs_prerelease.170410-1642. Installer is freeze at checking system stage.

USB scanners won’t work

If you own a USB scanner and actually use it quite frequently, you should avoid installing build 16176. Insiders report that USB scanners won’t work on this build.

Build 16170 and 16176 – USB scanners don’t work

My Epson and Fujitsu scanners don’t work with these builds. The Epson driver reports that it cannot find the necessary files and requests a reinstall, which still doesn’t work. No error messages from the Fujitsu scanner but it doesn’t work. PC detects devices being attached and they show up in the device manager.

These are the most common Windows 10 build 16176 bugs reported by users. If you’ve come across other issues, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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