Windows 10 Creators Update will bring new themes

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The Windows 10 Creators Update or the RedStone 2 update, is already the topic of discussion on many renowned news sites, and Microsoft is pleased to announce another new addition coming out with the update, that is the new Windows 10 themes.

The plethora of changes are hitting us like a whirlwind and the company is still testing new features to add in existing builds. The newly designed themes are to bring fresh and striking visual styles to the Windows Store, that Microsoft is also considering to put up for purchase. Feels like a disappointment, as users were expecting some refreshing additions to the OS as a gift, but a screenshot that recently appeared on the internet shows that some themes are indeed available with a more than reasonable fee. However, nothing is official yet and who knows Microsft may change their minds before any public announcement.

Diving a little deep into the design characteristics of the latest themes, which were previously offered on Microsoft’s website as a theme repository and ere delivered as MSStyle files, but changed some minor aspects of the system. Hopefully, the new additions may modify a bit more (like the Action Centre and the Taskbar), and feature advanced functionalities to give a more uplifting look and feel. Besides nobody would be thrilled by the idea of paying a sum of money just for a few new fonts, colors, and wallpapers.

But we would advise our readers not to get too carried away, as Microsoft still hasn’t confirmed any features  and specifications yet and the product is still under testing phases, which would apparently take months to be launched publicly. If you want to know more about the Windows 10 Creators update, see the video below:


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