These are the best audio equalizer extensions for Chrome

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Equalization involves the way of adjusting the balance between frequency components. In ancestral times, the equalization process used to require massive and heavy instruments known as equalizers, but in this day and age, things can be effortlessly done via audio equalizer software and audio equalizer extensions if you are using Chrome.

There are a few audio equalizer extensions for Chrome on the market that are able to perform the necessary tasks in just a few seconds. We picked out five of the best, and we’ll introduce you to their nice sets of features below.

Chrome audio equalizer extensions to use in 2018


Audio EQ

Using Audio EQ for Chrome, you will be able to control your HTML5 audio and video as well from all tabs in just a single place. Check out the best features and benefits that come with Audio EQ:

  • This extension controls HTML5 audio and video tags, and it’s important to note that it does not control Flash or Silverlight audio.
  • If the page or service does not support HTML5, then the extension will not work.
  • It’s recommended that you install the HTML5ify extension in order to force the popular sites that you’re hanging on to use HTML5 instead of Flash.
  • This Chr0me extension works amazingly for YouTube, and we know that this is a place where most users hang around all the time.

This is an excellent and straightforward Chrome extension. If you experience any sound issues while you are using it, we recommend that you disable Core Parking because this is usually a Windows issue and not the extension itself.

You will learn how to do this by Googling it; you can disable it in Windows or straight in BIOS. Get the Audio EQ from Chrome’s official website and give it a try.


Ears EQ for Chrome

Using this small extension, you will be able to equalize any audio that you can possibly find on the web live. You will get the chance to crank the bass, up the vocals, dim the highs and more.

Check out more exciting features that are packed in this Chrome extension:

  • Ears Audio Toolkit is a graphic equalizer and volume booster.
  • With the help of this extension, you can alter the equalization of all tabs at the same time.
  • All you have to do is navigate to any website that has audio, open Ears and drag the dots in order to lower or raise the filters.
  • This extension is guaranteed to work with any audio on any website.
  • The current tab will be equalized by default when you are opening this extension.
  • You can drag the middle line for a volume slider, and you will have to be careful because it is powerful.
  • You can adjust the filter Q parameter by holding shift and dragging up and down on the dot.
  • Clicking the Bass Boost button will instantly deliver a much more profound bass sound.
  • You will be able to use the extension as a graphical EQ as well.
  • If you like what you are hearing, you can save it as a preset for an easy recall for later, and if you don’t like the result, all you have to do is click Reset and start again.
  • You will also be able to turn Ears off for some or all tabs, and this will come in handy if you changed sites and the previous setting are not appropriate anymore.

The graphical interface delivers excellent control over the audio. You can get the Ears extension from Chrome’s official website.


Audio Equalizer

This is another excellent equalizer for your Chrome browser that packs a collection of presets and also the ability to save your own. This stylish and straightforward equalizer will help you to easily customize the sound that you want for a great result.

Check out the best features that you will get to enjoy while using this Chrome extension:

  • Using this extension, you will be able to experience amazing sound quality.
  • You can adjust the levels of sound effects so that you can get the best results while listening to music or watching videos.
  • This comes with the most popular presets, volume control, sound effects and an audio compressor as well.
  • The audio control includes boos over the default max.
  • There’s a stereo and mono toggle and other features such as reverb, chorus, and pitch-shift.

You can get the Audio Equalizer from Chrome’s official website and start using it.



Equalizer is an extension made by Doug Sheffer, and it’s really handy for Chrome users. It gives you the ability to control the sound of HTML5 audio and video with a ten channel equalizer. This extension will not work with websites that use Silverlight and Flash.

Check out the best features of the Equalizer:

  • After opening a new web page with sound such as a YouTube video, all you have to do is to click on one of the equalizer band adjustments and the setting will be applied to the current tab.
  • This is a great equalizer for videos and audio, and you will definitely be satisfied with the result.
  • You can choose between the ten channels that are included in this extension.

Get the Equalizer for Chrome from the official website and give it a go on your computer.


Audio Channel

Audio Channel is a free extension for Chrome that offers users better control over the audio playback in their web browser. This extension will add an icon to your browser’s toolbar. If you click on it, it will open the interface, and you can use this to control the volume and more audio related settings.

Check out the best features that are packed in this Chrome extension:

  • You have the ability to turn off the extension entirely via the power button.
  • You can change the volume using the slider.
  • This extension supports volume boosting over the maximum, and this will turn out ideal for videos that are much too quiet even if you set your volume to the max.
  • The Audio Equalizer includes Limiter, Pitch, Equalizer, Reverb, and Chorus as well.
  • All the functions are controlled with the sliders, and the effects will be applied to the audio right away.
  • You will be able to save your customizations as presets.

This is a powerful extension for Chrome that offers you high control over the audio playback in your web browser. You can get the Audio Channel from Chrome’s official website.

If you play video or audio content on the web, you may have sometimes noticed that the audio playback may differ a lot between services and also between media on the same service.

We mean that some videos can be too loud or too quiet, other can have louder or quieter parts, and other can also come with ads that are usually played louder than the actual videos.

Operating systems include options to control the sound’s volume, but if you want something closer to an equalizer, Chrome extensions will definitely do the trick. Pick any extension of the five we listed above and you’ll see the difference.