Users confirm the Creators Update increases battery life by 20%

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Devices running Windows 10 Anniversary Update have long been plagued by battery issues and Microsoft has pushed out many hotfixes over time, eliminating the majority of the elements causing excessive battery drain.

Fortunately, according to user reports, the Creators Update keeps batteries cooler and reduces battery drain. This is an excellent piece of news for all Windows 10 laptop and tablet owners who have been plagued by battery issues. In other words, if you want to boost your device’s battery life, install the Creators Update.

Users confirm that the Creators Update increase battery life by around 20%:

I use my surface mainly to watch some movies or shows after I get back from the gym at night. I used to be able to only watch a movie and a half before it would die.

Now, I’m able to watch about 9 or 10 hours of video before the battery is depleted. I’ve changed nothing other than updating it. It’s close to being as good as my old surface 2 RT in battery life.

Another user confirms that his computer’s battery only dropped 3% after viewing YouTube clips for 20 minutes:

How did Microsoft achieve this? It appears that the secret is the recently nerfed connected standby, as users confirmed they no longer receive sleeping notifications.

Have you upgraded your computer to Creators Update? Did you notice any battery improvements? Use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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Not only is battery life longer, but standby time has gone from 12-48 hours to over a week on a charge. I have yet to open my laptop and find it in need of a charge before use. Amazeballs.

For me the battery lasts for longer hours after creators upgrade. I am damn sure about it. Creators update has increased the battery life a lot. I don’t even battery saver mode. This is the best update so far.

Battery life has significantly degraded in my almost brand new ASUS UX410 (i5 7200U) laptop after installing the Creators upgrade. Where the battery lasted 8-9 hours before the upgrade it now just lasts barely 5 hours. Also the fan stays on permanently instead of only running occasionally, even in idle mode.