Fix Guild Wars 2 issues in Windows 10/11 with our easy steps

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Guild Wars 2 is a popular massive multiplayer online game that was released in 2012, but it seems that this game has some issues with Windows 10, so let’s have a closer look at them.

It has been reported that this game suffers from frequent crashes and graphical glitches on Windows 10.

It can be quite annoying when you can’t enjoy your favourite game after investing so much time into it, so without further delay, let’s fix these Guild Wars 2 issues.fix Fix Guild Wars 2 Issues in Windows 10

How can I fix Guild Wars 2 problems in Windows 10?

  1. Disable Razer Synapse data tracking
  2. Reinstall DirectX
  3. Add -repair parameter
  4. Reinstall Nvidia drivers
  5. Change the game from fullscreen to borderless window mode
  6. Close EVGA PrecisionX 16
  7. Delete the local.dat file
  8. Switch to 64-bit beta client
  9. Change Anti-aliasing settings in Catalyst Control Center
  10. Disable certain in-game settings

Solution 1 – Disable Razer Synapse data tracking

There’s a Graphics Enhancement Mod for Guild Wars 2, also known as GEMFX, and it has been said that Guild Wars 2 crashes on launch when using this mod.

One of the options is to disable this mod, but if you’re using Razer Synapse you might want to disable data tracking. To uninstall Razer Synapse data tracking do the following:

  1. Go to C:ProgramData -> Razer -> Synapse -> ProductUpdates -> Uninstallers -> RzStats.
  2. Run the uninstaller from that folder and you should be able to remove Razer Synapse data tracking.
  3. Try running Guild Wars 2 again.

Solution 2 – Reinstall DirectX

There are reports regarding DirectX crash when using GEMFX mod. In order to fix this issue you need to download and install DirectX 9.0c. You can download all the files that you need from here.

Solution 3 – Add -repair parameter

Most of us enjoy our favourite games in full-screen mode, but it seems that this mode makes Guild Wars 2 freeze and crash.

In order to fix that, you need to add -repair parameter to the game by following these instructions:

  1. Find Guild Wars 2 shortcut and right click it. Choose Properties.
  2. Find the Target field. In the Target field there should be a path to the game’s installation directory. By default it should be: C:Program Files (x86)Guild Wars 2Gw2.exe, but it might be different on your computer.
  3. Now add -repair parameter after the quotes in the Target field. Your Target field should look like this: C:Program Files (x86)Guild Wars 2Gw2.exe -repair.
  4. Save the changes and start the game using the shortcut.
  5. After you start the game it will scan your game files for any missing or corrupted files and replace them. We have to warn you that this process might take a while, up to an hour, sometimes even more, so you’ll need to be patient.
  6. After the repair has been performed you can go and remove -repair parameter.

Solution 4 – Reinstall Nvidia drivers

There have been reports that Guild Wars 2 has some issues with Nvidia drivers on Windows 10, and the best solution in this case is to reinstall the drivers.

When you uninstall Nvidia drivers make sure that you restart your computer, and after installing latest Nvidia drivers make sure that you restart your computer again.

In certain cases, your system can operate better using older versions of drivers. As confirmed by our readers, you can try this solution to fix Guild Wars 2 issues. Make sure to stop automatic driver updates and download older Nvidia driver.

It’s crucial that you restart your computer after uninstalling and installing display drivers in order for this process to be successful.

Solution 5 – Change the game from fullscreen to borderless window mode

Another problem with Nvidia drivers is that sometimes the game minimises and crashes, and in order to fix that it’s suggested that you change your mode from full-screen to border-less window.

After changing the game mode from full-screen to border-less window, restart the game, and change it back to full-screen again.

Solution 6 – Close EVGA PrecisionX 16

EVGA PrecisionX 16 is a popular overclocking tool for Nvidia graphic cards, but despite its popularity, this tool can cause some graphical glitches with Guild Wars 2.

Users report that they have encountered invisible cursors and black box around the cursor, and the solution to these glitches is to close EVGA PrecisionX 16 software.

Solution 7 – Delete the local.dat file

Some users have complained that their game crashes giving them out of memory error. This issue has been reported on computers with 16GB or more of RAM, so it’s safe to assume that the issue isn’t caused by lack of memory.

After some research it was concluded that the main cause of these crashes is local.dat file that is created by the game. This file holds some game data, and due to constant patches sometimes the data can get corrupted, so it’s advised to delete this file.

To delete local.dat file follow these instructions:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Go to the following location:
    • %appdata%Guild Wars 2
  3. In there you should find local.dat file. Delete it.
  4. Start the game again.

After deleting local.dat you will have to change your graphic and sound settings because they will return to default values.

Solution 8 – Switch to 64-bit beta client

Constant crashes and out of memory errors are reported by the users, and game developers have advised switching to a 64-bit beta client.

According to them, 64-bit client utilises your memory better. Just go to the game’s website and download the 64-bit beta client and move it to the game installation directory.

You won’t have to download the game again, and you can continue where you left off.

Solution 9 – Change Anti-aliasing settings in Catalyst Control Center

It has been reported that Guild Wars 2 has its share of issues with Anti-aliasing settings, so if you use AMD card it’s advisable to change those settings in Catalyst Control Center.

  1. Go to Catalyst Control Center.
  2. Open the advanced view.
  3. Click the Gaming tab.
  4. In Gaming tab click 3D Applications Settings.
  5. Change the Anti-aliasing setting to Use Application settings.
  6. Click Apply to save the changes.

Solution 10 – Disable certain in-game settings

If you’re getting low performance and experiencing crashes, you might want to disable certain options in video settings.

Video options such as character animation and high-resolution textures can cause some issues on older computers, so make sure that you disable them.

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We hope that our solutions were helpful and you can share useful opinions in the comments section below.

What other issues have you encountered in Guild Wars 2 and how did you manage to solve them?


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