3 Easy Ways to Fix League of Legends Error Code 0U

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Experiencing the 0U error while trying to log into your League of Legends account?
  • Say no more, as we prepared some solutions to help you restore game functionality. 
  • Download and run the Hextech Repair Tool that is provided by Riot and solve this.

Experiencing problems with League Of Legends is no longer something new, and some players are so fed up that they just feel like giving up sometimes.

But don’t think that it’s all that bad. It’s just that, from time to time, the game tends to drive players crazy due to some pretty obnoxious technical issues.

We can help if you are dealing with the FPS capped at 60 error, PVP.net patcher kernel has stopped working, or League of Legends crashing.

We can even show you how to fix League of Legends FPS drops on Windows 10 and 11, but you’re probably here for the 0u error code.

Let’s get right into it, take a closer look and determine how you can get back to playing your favorite game in no time.

Why do I get the 0U error code in League of Legends?

The League of Legends error code 0U indicates that the PBE client is not loading, which implies that the game location on your PC is unable to locate new features and updates for your game.

When you encounter this problem, you may notice a black loading home screen, no summoner icons, rumbled client tabs, or a missing friend list.

Apart from patching, it appears that anything they modified broke all client connectivity when this bug started worming around.

The PBE enables you to eliminate any bothersome bugs you come across along the way, ensuring that new content is well-tuned and glitch-free before it goes live. In a nutshell, you should open a ticket to inform the player support staff of the error code 0U.

The earliest mentions of the error go back to 2020, and Riot Games was quick to acknowledge the issue and confirmed that it’s working on a fix.

However, that could take some serious time, and we want to play right now. Luckily, there are some workarounds that you can use to restore game functionality.

How do I fix the 0U error in League of Legends?

1. Use the Hextech Repair Tool

  1. Download the Hextech Repair Tool for League of Legends client.hextech tool
  2. Run the tool and go through the steps.hextech tool 2

2. Allow League of Legends through the Firewall

  1. Press the Windows key, search for Firewall and select Open.open firewall
  2. Click on Allow an app through Firewall.allow app through firewall
  3. If League of Legends isn’t in the list, click Change Settings, then Allow another app.Allow another app
  4. Click the Browse button, locate your game and press the Add button.browse firewall games

3. Reinstall the League of Legends PBE client

The League of Legends PBE desktop client should be reinstalled to resolve the error number 0U. Simply giving it a chance to fresh restart it may increase the likelihood of avoiding glitches and in-game issues.

Because the client Public Beta Environment is hosted on a League server that is constantly filled with new upgrades and content, fresh versions of the setup files are uploaded with each patch.

Reinstalling League of Legends from these files will result in a completely updated version of the game.

Every third-party program or application that you install on your computer leaves a significant trace in the Registry after removing it.

When you remove all traces of the PBE client from your computer’s Registry, you completely remove League of Legends files and leftovers. This is where a third-party uninstaller like CCleaner can come in handy, as it can remove all traces in the Registry and smooth the way for a new reinstall of the League of Legends PBE client.

⇒ Get CCleaner

Obviously, if you have any doubts, you can leave us a comment and we will be happy to assist you in any way that is necessary.

That’s all you can do for the moment, as far as the 0U error code for League of Legends is concerned. Everyone is still waiting on Riot to solve the problem.

Until then, players that ran into this problem said they fixed it using the two above-mentioned methods.

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