Microsoft Teams to fix RAM/ CPU/ GPU usage in future updates

by Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
Sinziana Mihalache
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  • Microsoft Teams has outlined a list of priorities for future updates on the UserVoice forum.
  • The developers encourage users to provide specific feedback for easier follow-up.
  • Some issues such as high RAM/CPU usage seem to be going on forever, with no final solution.
  • Yet, the users seem to prefer collaborating, hoping that they won't have to turn to Zoom anymore.
microsoft teams fix RAM CPU usage

With 100+ million users reported in autumn 2020, Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used collaboration tools presently. And the one that’s been eating the most computer resources, much to the users’ dissatisfaction.

Ever since teleworking started to take momentum about a year ago, more similar tools have been released or have become more visible on the market. Still, Teams stays atop preferences, probably given the integration with the overall Microsoft programs and apps.

And ever since, the platform has been improving user experience, to meet not just audience demands, but also to maintain reliability in terms of functionality and responsiveness.

As such, the Teams’ developers have announced on the UserVoice page their top priorities for future improvements.

These are Microsoft Teams’ priorities. Which one is yours?

According to the forum, the team’s topmost priorities are listed in the following order:

The developers are seemingly prepared to take more heed to their customers’ feedback and pain points, to prioritize the most urgent bugs.

For each of these larger categories of issues, they encourage users to take to the dedicated topic and specify their problem in as much detail as possible.

Clear details about the client’s usage environments, hardware, and the like, will help the developers focus more specifically on delivering results.

Consequently, users should son get answers on why is Microsoft Teams a resource hog, why it fails to connect calls, or sync, and so on.

Failing to solve these pain points will most likely result in migration to the competition – Zoom, being the preferred alternative collaboration platform, with comparable capabilities.

Actually, Zoom’s daily users are more numerous than the numbers reported by Teams, presently. Although – as the forum shows – a lot of people want to keep using Microsoft’s solution.

Teams uses so much local power – we are using Zoom instead which seems a shame!

At this point, Microsoft fails to also mention how this feedback is going to make any difference since the improvement work has been going on for a long time, with the same bugs reappearing.

Or, as a user mentioned:

Pretty cool that a topmost priority has gone on for 4 years.

Similarly, it’s not clear when users should expect consistent fixes for all these problems.

Other important aspects that users have reported with Microsoft Teams that the WindowsReport team has specifically addressed are:

The official roadmap is the only source for product development updates, although it’s more focused on product additions rather than related issues.

Have you listed your issue with Teams on any specific forum yet? Tell us where and if it had any positive outcome.

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