How to fix OneDrive access issues on Windows

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OneDrive is a cloud solution to store your personal files securely, and access them anytime, anywhere, and from any device or browser.

It works pretty much the same as Google Drive or Dropbox, but the capabilities, and storage capacity may vary.

Many users have reported issues with syncing OneDrive, but there are useful ways to resolve this here. If you’re having a hard time accessing OneDrive on Windows, here’s how to resolve the issue.

Can’t access OneDrive [FIX]

Solution 1: Check your Internet settings

If you key in your OneDrive account email address, and try to sign in while offline, the service gives back this prompt:

If the connection status shows you’re offline, this could be one of the main reasons for inability to access OneDrive on Windows.

Solution 2: Key in your login details again

Should the connection be good but you’re still unable to access OneDrive, maybe the problem is at log in stage. Check if you have correctly typed in your account login details, then try and sign in again.

Solution 3: Type in your PIN Code if you created one

Users who do not want others to access, change or delete their files can enter a PIN code to protect their files. If you have a PIN code for your account, key it in and access your documents. If this still doesn’t work, try the next solution.

Solution 4: Check whether you’re using OneDrive App or the website

To resolve this, visit, enter your credentials, and check whether all your files are intact. This allows you to access your documents via the OneDrive website on any device.

Solution 5: Review any recently made software changes

Software changes may also affect access to OneDrive. If this is the case, run the OneDrive set up again using this path: C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalMicrosoftOneDriveUpdateOneDriveSetup.exe to check if it resolves the access issue.
Follow these steps to initiate and complete the OneDrive set up.

1. Click on the Start button, then type OneDrive on the search box

A list of search suggestions will come up.

2. From the list, choose OneDrive. Other suggestions such as OneDrive for Business may come up as this is pre-installed especially for Windows 10, but it is specifically for businesses and office teams. Once you click on OneDrive, the set up wizard will pop up.

3. Enter an email address then click ‘sign in’.

4. Click on either Personal, or Work or School tab to access your files.

Solution 6: Check if you’re using a different PC, or you’re on a different network server

Access to OneDrive may be hindered when using a different PC from your usual one, or you’re trying to access from a facility that uses a different network server. In this case, download and install the latest version of OneDrive app, which will allow you to manage OneDrive for personal use.

Solution 7: Resolve cache errors

Access to OneDrive may not work sometimes due to cache errors on it. To resolve this issue, try uninstalling and reinstalling OneDrive using these steps:

1. Click Start, and type Add or remove programs on the search box, then press Enter

2. Select the Apps and Features option, and look for Microsoft OneDrive on the list

3. Select Uninstall

4. Press Windows button + R, the Run box will pop up

5. Type %SystemRoot%SysWOW64 then press enter

6. From the list of folders, find OneDrive and reinstall.

You can also reset OneDrive instead of running the set up all over again.

Solution 8: Confirm your OneDrive Service Status

Server downtime can affect your ability to access your OneDrive account. Check the Service status of your OneDrive here, to get information as to whether it is down in your area.

Solution 9: Contact your Internet Service Provider

If the Service status report is positive, meaning OneDrive is not down, check with your Internet Service Provider – sometimes the snag is on their end.

Did any of these access solutions work for you? Share with us in the comments section.



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