The new PC Health Check app still doesn’t work for many

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  • Microsoft has updated its criticized PC Health Check app to ensure users can check for Windows 11 compatibility with ease.
  • However, at a closer look, it still has issues for some users, while for others it works without a problem.
  • We discovered that the application crashes randomly for people with a variety of configurations, even after downloading the latest version.
  • Microsoft hasn't made a statement about this idea yet, but it is safe to say that you will need to make sure you're using the updated version for better chances.

We were the first to report that Microsoft made available the PC Health Check app right after the event so that you could see if your device was ready for Windows 11 or not.

We also quickly spotted that many were getting an incompatibility error with Windows 11 that could easily be bypassed.

However, the Windows PC Health Check program was still throwing away errors for thousands and thousands of enthusiastic early Windows 11 adopters that wanted to make sure they can install Windows 11 as early as next week, as long as they’re part of the Insider program.

Microsoft quickly responded and has indeed released a fast fix, that came with a little more details as to why exactly you can’t jump to Windows 11. It’s important to be aware of the fact that the newly update app can give away false negatives.

At the moment of writing this article, the app got bumped to version 2.3, telling you which part of your system isn’t supported, like the processor, secure boot, or TPM.

Update: Microsoft temporarily removed the PC Health Check app and plans to get it back online before Windows 11 becomes generally available. Because of multiple complaints from users and some problems related to Windows 11 minimum requirements, the Redmond giant decided to rebuild and adjust the app for improved reliability and guaranteed compatibility. Find out more details from Microsoft’s official statement.

Updated PC Health Check app just won’t open or gets stuck

Still, when we ran the app on a couple of computers, it simply wouldn’t open up. When I opened up the app, it prompted me that it needs to run an update.

And that was the first time when it simply got stuck in the installation process. It also gets stuck in the “preparing to install an update” or in the already infamouswe’re getting things ready for you. For some, it doesn’t move after the “collecting data about your PC”.

And when it’s not stuck, it seems that the installation process simply doesn’t go until the end. We tried running as admin, compatibility mode, but it still wouldn’t open. The issue doesn’t seem to be affecting a big number of users for now, but we’re seeing increasing chatter on the web, with one user saying the following on the Microsoft support forums:

I recently installed PC Health Check from the Microsoft site successfully, but when I try to run the option of Windows 11 compatibility check, the app crashes and does not show anything.

So it seems that, at least for now, this new version is frustrating some users. What could work is trying the following simple steps:

  1. Just click on the setup file “WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.msi” again
  2. It will automatically open the app and should work fine

The single problem with this is that every time when you want to check for Windows 11 compatibility, you have to do the same thing as opposed to running the installed app.

It’s also important to know that this version was released as a quick fix, and we should see a bigger update in the coming weeks.

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