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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was finalised in October 2017, six months after Windows 10 version 1703. The end of service was on April 2019. These two releases from 2017, v1703 and v1709, confirmed the biannual cadence for Microsoft that was kept in 2018 and will be kept moving forward.

Latest builds released for Windows 10 version 1709

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB449914716299.1182May 28, 2019Cumulative update
KB450506216299.1150May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449917916299.1146May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB449344016299.1127April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449344115254.562April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448989016299.1059March 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448988616299.1029March 12, 2019Solves the “Error 1309” issue
KB448702116299.1004February 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448699616299.967February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448096716299.936January 15, 2019Cumulative update
KB448097816299.904January 8, 2019Addresses an issue that affects PowerShell
KB448323216299.847December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132916299.846December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768116299.820November 27, 2018Cumulative update
KB446768616299.785November 13, 2018Cumulative update

What is new on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

Moreover, the Fall Creators Update brought a lot of new important features, such as the launch of Fluent Design that transformed many interface components.

Other features helped enhancing productivity, including the returning of OneDrive Placeholders.

Also, this was the last version released for Windows 10 Mobile.

Best new features in Windows 10 version 1709

Excepting the aforementioned new features, here are the most notable changes:

  • Ability to pin websites to the taskbar and many other useful features in Microsoft Edge.
  • You can launch  Windows Store apps from startup.
  • Users have more control over the updates, as they now can limit bandwidth.
  • Launch of Windows People Bar that allows you to have your favorite contacts on taskbar.
  • Styluses for navigating through the operating system.
  • Phone can be integrated in Windows 10 with a new “Phone” section in the Settings.
  • Every device with a camera has augumented reality viewer.
  • Protection against ransomware with Windows Defender.
  • SwiftKey with touch keyboard gesture typing.


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