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Also named Windows 10 Creators Update and known under the code-name of Redstone 2,  this version of Windows 10 was released in April 2017. The end of service for it was in October 2018. Find out more about Windows 10 version history.

Latest builds in Windows 10 v1703

KB numberVersion (OS Build)Release dateNotes
KB449916215063.1839May 28, 2019Cumulative update
KB450505515063.1808May 19, 2019Fixes website issues
KB449918115063.1805May 14, 2019Cumulative update
KB4502112 15063.1785May 2, 2019Cumulative update
KB449343615063.1784April 25, 2019Cumulative update
KB449347415063.1746April 9, 2019Cumulative update
KB448988815063.1716March 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448987115063.1689March 12, 2019Fixes “Error 1309”
KB448701115063.1659February 19, 2019Cumulative update
KB448702015063.1631February 12, 2019Cumulative update
KB448095915063.1596January 15, 2019Cumulative update
KB448097315063.1563January 8, 2019Addresses an issue that affects PowerShell
KB448323015063.1508December 19, 2018Security update to Internet Explorer
KB447132715063.1506December 11, 2018Cumulative update
KB446769915063.1478November 27, 2018Cumulative update

Windows 10 Creators Update features

As the name said it, the Creators Update marked the launch of a new content for creators such as 3D modellers and digital artists.

The new apps included in Version 1703 are tools such as Paint 3D and 3D Viewer.

What else Windows 10 version 1703 brings new?

But the features don’t stop here. The desktop functionality was enhanced with the adding of Night Light mode and new Cortana capabilities.

Other notable changes:

  • New and better design for Windows Defender interface.
  • Your PC is locked automatically when you don’t use it with the help of Dynamic Look.
  • Better notifications – it includes more information, such as progress bars.
  • Night Light was reduced to a blue light output.
  • You can boost your PC gaming performance with Game Mode.
  • Edge improvoements, including the ability to set tabs aside and a new tab preview bar.
  • You can now block installations of desktop apps.
  • Storage Sense will help you to automatically free disk space.
  • You can install themes from the Windows Store.
  • As always, minor fixes for the system.


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