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by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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My Study Life is a cross-platform planner for students, teachers, and lecturers which allows users to store classes, homework, and exams in the cloud. This way, all the data will be available on any device at any time and from whatever location.

My Study Life features

The app can integrate all areas of academic life. With it, users will be able to see homework due for classes, classes which conflict with exams, and can even add revision tasks for a particular exam.

The app is far from a standard calendar application, though. It has been optimized to work for your school life right from the beginning with the ability to add your classes and view them in a beautiful and instantly identifiable week view.

The app is able to seamlessly synchronize all data between devices and the best part is that it allows you to use it even when you are not online. You can add a task from your phone or tablet while you’re on the go, too, and it will instantly be available also in the web app.

OS compatibility

System requirements include the following operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows Phone 8. The app is available on PC, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android and on the web.

User experience

Users who have already tried the app have found it extremely useful, especially for a free application. The ability to log in and sync between the Windows and the Android apps is well-regarded. Users also loved its fluidity and the fact that it reminds you of your next class 15 minutes before it starts.

One minus that was spotted with the app is how some students have online classes which don’t have set dates or hours, and the lack of an option to place the online class so that they won’t have to choose a random date and time for it.

All in all, the app works correctly and is extremely useful.

You can get it for free from the Windows Store here.

UPDATE: The latest version of the tool adds the following improvements:

  • Added support for holidays.
  • Improved week and day rotation schedule setup.
  • Added option to set first day of week.
  • Tasks are shown for the selected day on the calendar month view.
  • URLs in task detail are now automatically detected and clickable.
  • Numerous other improvements and fixes to make the app more stable.


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