My printer always prints double-sided [GUARANTEED FIX]

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My printer always prints double-sided

A lot of printers can automatically print on both sides of the paper. Printing on both sides of the paper is otherwise known as automatic duplex printing, which is becoming a more standard printer option. If a printer always prints double-sided, users need to disable duplex printing via print settings.

There are various print setting windows, tabs, and menus that can include duplex print options; so users might need to configure more than one duplex print option to ensure that their printers don’t always print double-sided.

How do I get my printer to stop printing double-sided?

1. Turn Off the Printer’s Default Duplex Printing Option

  1. First, make sure the default duplex printing option is off on the printer’s print preferences window. To do that in Windows 10, click the Start menu’s Settings button.Settings button my printer always prints double sided
  2. Click Devices, then open a Bluetooth & other devices tab.The Bluetooth & other devices tab my printer always prints double sided
  3. Click Devices and printers to open the Control Panel window in the snapshot directly below.Devices and Printers applet my printer always prints double sided
  4. Right-click the default printer and select the Printing preferences option, which will open the printer’s settings window.printing preferences window my printer always prints double sided
  5. Then look for a two-sided duplex printing option on one of that window’s tabs. The printing preferences window’s Page Layout or Advanced tabs might include the two-sided printing option.

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2. Deselect Duplex Printing Within the Third-Party Software’s Print Settings

  • A lot of third-party software also includes a two-sided print option within their printing settings. For example, Google Chrome includes the Two-sided option shown directly below.
  • Word includes a Print on Both sides option under Settings for printers that support duplex printing. So, users also need to deselect the duplex printing setting within the software they print from to ensure their printers don’t print double-sided.

Two-sided print option my printer always prints double sided

3. Deselect Duplex Printing on the Printer’s Menu Screen

  • Furthermore, a lot of printers also include their own menu screens that are completely separate from Windows. Some users might also need to disable duplex printing via their printers‘ menu screens.
  • Look for the two-sided print options on the menu screen’s general or ECO settings menus.

A printer menu screen my printer always prints double sided


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