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Troubleshoot Internet connection errors

Nowadays a PC without an Internet connection is pretty much useless, so making sure that you have good connectivity is a must. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if you are connecting via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, Internet connectivity errors are still bound to appear at one point or another.

What are the most common Internet connection errors?

If you are connected to the Internet but can’t visit any website, stream videos, or receive any emails, chances are that you are having Internet connectivity issues.

For example, you can experience frequent disconnects from the Wi-Fi, or your PC can’t detect the Wi-Fi network at all.

These issues can be caused by a variety of things, such as bad IP configurations, malware infections, or even faulty Windows updates.

Here are some examples of common Internet connection errors in Windows 10:

How do I fix Internet connection issues?

Looking for troubleshooting guides on Internet connectivity issues? Here are the solutions written by our research team of tech experts.