Are your Twitch extensions not working? Fix them easily

Vladimir Popescu
by Vladimir Popescu
Windows & Software Expert
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Twitch extension not showing, working,loading - Twitch logo

Users with a wide range of PC configurations have complained on online forums that their extensions are not working.

In some cases, the extensions fail to load entirely or don’t appear in the list of the installed extensions.


Because the possible causes for this issue could vary a lot from user to user, we compiled some of the best troubleshooting steps that are worth trying out.

Please follow the methods we listed in this article carefully, and check to see if the issue is resolved after trying each one out.

Are your Twitch extensions not loading or showing up? Try this

1. Make sure Twitch servers are not down

Twitch status website - Twitch extension not showing/working/loading
Even though this is not specifically a method to solve this problem, it is very important to try it out.

This will allow you to be sure that all the troubleshooting methods you will be trying are not in vain.

You can check if the servers are up and running by visiting the Twitch status website, and also run the online troubleshooter called the Twitch Inspector. 

If everything checks out, then you can follow the next methods in this list.

2. Try using the Twitch client instead of the website

Twitch client download - Twitch extension not showing/working/loading
Some users have had success by simply swapping their online Twitch use with the downloadable Windows 10 client.

You can also try this out by downloading the Twitch client from the official website.

In order to try it out, you should run the installer, follow the steps required to complete the setup, and then log into your Twitch account.

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3. Update your Twitch extensions

laptop close-up side - Twitch extension not showing/working/loading
In some cases, the reason for your extensions not showing up or working properly is because they are outdated.

Please make sure to download the latest version of the extension/extensions with issues, and check to see if this fixes the problem.

You can try this by opening up your Twitch client, and then navigating to the installed extensions page, and updating them one by one.

4. Clear your browser caches and cookies (all time)

CCleaner - Twitch extension not showing/working/loading
You can try this method manually, by opening each of the browsers you use with Twitch and clearing cookies and caches.

If you want to make the entire process a lot simpler and more efficient, you can use CCleaner to clean everything up.

Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Download and install the latest CCleaner software.
  2. Open the software and choose the Custom clean option.
  3. Check the boxes next to Cookies and Cache for each off the browsers you want to clean.
  4. Click Analyze for the software to calculate the amount of cleanable data.
  5. Click on Run cleaner to start the cleaning process.

5. Allow Twitch and extension manager through antivirus

antivirus - Twitch extension not showing/working/loading
Make sure that your Twitch app is allowed to run without interruptions by both your antivirus software and firewall service.

You can do so by either whitelisting the app and manager, or by temporarily shutting down the protection services.


Please feel free to let us know if your issue was solved by any of these troubleshooting steps.

You can send us a message by using the comment section below.