5 automated receptionist software for increased productivity

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The reception desk is the face and voice of any organization. An automated receptionist software simplifies the entire process of visitor management. Whether it’s the customer, candidate, or client, for them, the receptionist is the first point of contact with the organization. That’s the whole reason why they are equally important for a company just like the HR, or the marketing department.

Therefore, a receptionist is majorly responsible for a pleasant experience from the time the customer calls or enters the organization. But, managing communication face to face, online, and on calls, all at the same time can be stressful.

Miscellaneous office duties like calling clients, billing, scheduling appointments, etc. can add to their already challenging job. That’s when an automated receptionist software comes to rescue.

Here’s a quick list of some of the leading front office management software systems for increased efficiency in 2019.

What are the best automated receptionist tools for PC?


Vonage Business Solutions

front office management software

Vonage Business Solutions, available as apps and downloads helps improve business communications. This cloud-based automated receptionist software blends effortlessly with web browsers, smartphones, and business products.

The Vonage business phone systems are perfect for midsize business that fine tunes their VoIP phone system with devices that work on the internet.

It also helps the enterprises to connect over the phone, via text messages, or through video conferencing saving a lot of time for the receptionists.

Call announcing, do not disturb option, or screening to the option to connect different devices on one extension, are among its major features. Account managers can manage calls via the admin portal and evaluate call recordings, change dashboard visibility, and more.

They can also see billing details, and fix dial-up limitations on the portal. Apart from desktop solutions, users can also download its mobile app for easy access. It can also be synced with Google, Outlook or CRM.

Price: starts from $19.99.



front office management software

Data entry and contact management are one of the crucial aspects of the front desk staff. GoCanvas is one of the best front office management software that helps users finish their work in minutes.

It comes with powerful features for organizations by helping users create and fill up unlimited forms. As a bonus – users can also save unlimited data.

It offers a drag and drop tool that enables users to create their own mobile apps without any coding or programming. It also allows users to capture images for checking tools or monitoring rhinos in just one click.

In addition, it can help confirm a sales order by simply getting a signature on your smartphone.

Canvas also helps with calculations to correctly estimated the order price. What’s more? It keeps users informed about the equipment or team member location with GPS tracking.

Barcode scanning in one click, seamless assimilation of mobile payments, and uploading customer database in its other apps are some of its other notable features.

Price: free trial available; enterprise level version starts from $45.

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Greetly Digital Receptionist

front office management software


Greetly Digital Receptionist is an app for visitor check-in that helps users get more done. The administration is a critical and complex part of any organization and Greetly simplifies the workflow with automation.

From managing the front desk to fixing meetings, or travel schedule, this software helps simplify all the multi-tasking and save time.

This front office management software intends to save money, and increase efficiency while offering a high level of customization. It works on a cloud-based visitor log and is always available for added convenience.

Moreover, it sends instant alerts through a voice message, emails, text messages, or using Slack.

Price: 14-day free trial available; starts from $99/month.


Jive Voice


Jive voice is another cloud-based and integrated automated recfront office management softwareThis receptionist software is suitable to various companies of all sizes. From voicemail boxes to virtual receptionist software, it offers a range of hosted VoIP suites. This auto attendant system manages and updates the phone system in real-time. It can do so from an internet-supported device using Jive’s website.

The visual dial plan editor by the app helps the phone system set up in an amazing way. It helps create advance schedules using a custom dial plan that gets automatically enabled once the user has left. Users can also add custom greetings while helping them add the schedule for the whole day at once.

One of its other major features is Find Me/Follow Me that enables users to direct the incoming calls to several phones in a certain arrangement. This helps individual users to build an exclusive call flow while switching over to their extension.

Price: starts from $19.95.



front office management software

Managing front desk is not just about attending calls, or managing visitors. But, it’s also about finding and creating a customer database and one of the best ways to do today is through Social Media.

Hootsuite is undoubtedly one of the leading software that helps users manage their social media in one place. This way it doubles up as a competitive front office management software helping receptionists get hold of the social media.

The software is designed to save time by helping users schedule their social posts. It helps them stay active on social media platforms at all times by automatically scheduling several of the posts on all the social accounts, at once.

It also keeps users updated with pre-authorized content that the team can post. The data is saved in the user’s preferred cloud file.

What’s more? It also allows users to estimate the effect of social media promotions with detailed reporting. Moreover, users can also look for and filter social media chats using hashtags, keywords, and also location.

Users can find conversations in several languages. This helps them get an insight into what others are talking about their brand, etc.

Price: 30-day free trial available; thereafter priced at $5.99/month.

Contrary to the popular belief, a receptionist at the front desk has a lot of things to manage. From visitor management, attending client calls, scheduling meetings, lunches, or travel itinerary, to managing client database, there’s a lot that needs to be done.

These are some of the best-automated receptionist software that helps them save on time and get things simplified. So, start implementing them in your business for increased productivity.



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