File Explorer icon gets more colorful in latest Windows 10 build

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Build 14352 is finally here and brought many improvements and updates requested by Windows 10 users. Cortana now acts as your personal DJ, and you can set a timer for important events. Windows Ink now has a compass available, while the Feedback Hub shows Microsoft’s responses, offering more visibility to users.

As far as the Windows 10 design in concerned, the File Explorer icon is now more colorful following users’s request:

Updated File Explorer icon: Based on Insider feedback, we have updated the File Explorer icon with more color.

The File Explorer icon’s colors are now more balanced, and yellow dominates the view. The right upper corner design and colors were kept, while the violet half square from the middle has been replaced with a blue ciel one on a yellow background.

The File Explorer icon from previous builds created a lot of fuss among users. Most of them did not like the design and classified it as being ugly and awful. Gabe Aul assured users that the build team explored various ways to adjust the yellow icon to the general black and white Windows app and that was the best possible match. He never really succeeded in convincing users to accept that color design, and we can see the result in the latest build.

Aul still won a battle since Insiders did not ask Microsoft to restore the File Explorer icon back to the taskbar by default.  If you’d also like to bring back the File Explorer icon to the taskbar, you can easily pin it back.

It is interesting to see that Microsoft reads each and every note of feedback sent by Windows 10 users. Nevertheless, we can’t help but raise an eyebrow seeing how long this File Explorer icon design saga has been trailing. Maybe Microsoft should direct resources towards solving more urgent issues and bury the File Explorer icon debate once and for all.



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