FIX: The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection

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  • This error can be caused by many issues including proxy settings or the antivirus.
  • The first thing you should do is to turn off the proxy settings.
  • Another important solution is to reset Microsoft Edge to factory settings.
  • Other solutions include reset the gateway IP address and turning off the antivirus protection.
How to fix the remote device or resource won’t accept the connection
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If you’re using Windows 10 and if you are trying to fix The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection malfunction, check the details below.

Depending on each situation, we can identify several causes which might include:

  • A proxy setting was enabled on Windows 10
  • Some changes were made within the Microsoft Edge web-browser
  • Default settings of the antivirus program might have changed
  • The Firewall settings aren’t set properly
  • There are issues with your IP config.

The scenario that’s most likely to happen is this one: you try to access a certain web page and you get an error message saying that the webpage cannot be displayed.

You then run the diagnostic sequence indicated by your browser and you see the following prompt: The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection.

Note: It doesn’t matter what web-browser you are using as this error can occur on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and so on.

How do I fix a remote device won’t accept the connection error?

1. Turn off proxy settings

  1. Press the Windows key + R, type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter.internet properties windows 10
  2. Switch to the Connections tab.
  3. Choose the LAN settings field.
  4. From the Local Area Network Settings window uncheck the Use a proxy server for your LAN option. Automatically detect settings must be still checked though.
  5. Apply these changes.
  6. Restart your web browser and try to connect as the steps from above should have fixed The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection issue.

If the problem is still there, try to apply the methods that are explained below.

In case the proxy can’t be disabled we’ve prepared a simple guide on how to fix it.

2. Reset Microsoft Edge to factory settings

  1. Search for internet options and click on the feature from the results.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab.
  3. At the bottom of that window click on the Reset button.
  4. Click on OK if you get an alert and choose Reset from the window.

3. Reset the gateway IP address

  1. Apply all the steps that are explained during the first step of this tutorial.
  2. Afterward, type cmd in the Search box and select Run as administrator to open Command Prompt with admin rights.
  3. Type ipconfig/release and press Enter.
  4. Wait while the command is executed then type ipconfig/renew and press Enter.
  5. Close the cmd window in the end and try to connect.

If you’re having trouble accessing Command Prompt as an admin, then you better take a closer look at this guide.

The default gateway isn’t available on Windows 10? Count on us to solve the issue.

4. Turn off antivirus protection and disable Firewall

Sometimes you can experience the network connection error in Windows 10 if the antivirus software isn’t set properly. The best way in which you can verify whether the issue is caused by the antivirus program or not is to temporarily disable it.

Also, you should temporarily disable Firewall protection. After that, try to connect and if everything works without any problems, change your antivirus settings accordingly.

You want to check if the firewall is blocking a certain port or a feature? Follow the simple steps from this guide to find out.

Hopefully, you can now successfully use your network connections without any problems. If you are still getting the same The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection error let us know in the comments below.

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I have online exams and this happened. the first method worked. you saved my life

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Thank you. The first step work for me

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The very first step worked very well with my windows 10. It saved my life
Thanks a lot

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Thanks it solved my problem

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everytime I uncheck the proxy box in the LAN settings it checks back everytime I go to a new page and it wont let me hit apply settings

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Wow. I am an IT professional (game dev) and this took 2 hours to fix. Many, many, thanks, Andrei!

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Avatar Shah

Hi! My lan settings button is do I get into that? 😰

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I have done all solutions but not one works for me and LAN settings is also disabled what can I do

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Thanks a million. The first one – LAN settings – uncheck the proxy server worked for me. I’ll see how it is later on or tomorrow. I’m wondering how it got changed. Happened 2 days ago.

Avatar Leslie Cruzado Serrano

Problem still persist. I did everything here. Please help.

Avatar lynn

I had to do a complete reset to a locked computer. Settings do not show my internet provider and I get remote device or resource won’t accept connection
Did steps but no luck
I need help setting say I am connected to the internet. But you can’t use browser to get a connection