Restoro Review 2024: Is This Repair Tool Safe? Does It Work?

Restoro is a repair tool that will fix most problems on your PC

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Key notes

  • Restoro is the world-leading system restoration tool. You will see why in this thorough review.
  • We will briefly talk about the way it works, what the app can do, and its primary features.
  • Next, you will find our closing thoughts, alongside some cons and pros regarding the tool.
  • We also included a section that contains Restoro's different payment plans.
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PC issues will occur eventually, and fixing them isn’t always easy. However, there are specialized tools such as Restoro that can get these problems sorted for you.

What’s more, the software can also repair damage caused by malware. In today’s review, we’re going to take a closer look at Restoro and see what it can do.

The company first released Restoro on the market in 2018. The app immediately gained traction and was a success.

This only motivated the developers to seize this opportunity and further improve the software, thus creating an affordable, customer-friendly, and simple-to-use product.

Over the years, its database has grown to have over 25 million updated, pristine Microsoft files ready to repair any Windows device. So, is Restoro Repair Tool good?

In case you were wondering, our verdict is Yes. It’s one of the best PC repair tools for Windows computers.Get Restoro

That being said, a good Restoro repair tool review will clarify other important questions and details about the software. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Is Restoro safe?

The Restoro PC repair tool is as safe as they get. To begin with, it’s created by a real company that works tirelessly to ensure that the software’s databases are constantly updated.

This software is recognized as safe by Microsoft Security, ESET Smart Security, Bitdefender, and other big antivirus companies.

Furthermore, TrustedSite recognizes Restoro with Google Safe Browsing and, of course, a valid SSL certificate (issued by Go Daddy Certificate Authority – G2). So, is Restoro trustworthy?

We say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so why not take a look at the one below and decide for yourself?

Furthermore, AppEsteem, another service that tests and verifies software validity and usefulness, also marked Restoro as being trusted and secure.

Now that we cleared up any doubts about the legitimacy of this software, all you need to do to start fixing your PC is to start the download process and click one button.

After downloading the software, run it, wait for the automatic analysis to complete, and then resolve all your PC’s problems in one go.

So, if you’re asking if Restoro is legit, our answer is definitely a straight yes. Not no mention that it can make your PC experience a lot easier.

What does Restoro fix?

➡ Windows Errors (including BSoD)

Restoro can easily and quickly recognize any Windows errors (including the dreaded Blue Screen of Death) and take appropriate steps to resolve these issues.

It ranks high in users’ preferences as one of the best BSoD fixers available.

Whether damaged system files or malware infections cause the issue or if the problem appears after a Windows update, Restoro can fix it.

It does so by first identifying the source of the error, then finding the exact elements that caused the problems, and then replacing or fixing the files automatically by using its 25.000.000 files from its database.

This not only ensures that the right elements are replaced, but the never-ending battle the developers carry to ensure the update of all these files makes a huge difference.

Using this software to identify issues will ensure that you won’t need to attempt a manual repair, as this usually causes even more issues.

Here are a few BSoD errors that can get fixed with Restoro:

➡ Damaged DLLs

Dynamic Link Library files, also known as DLLs can become corrupted or simply get deleted because of a variety of factors like software problems, memory crashes, and even registry files that were damaged.

Even though they are prone to damage, DLLs are essential for your system. Having a tool that can identify issues even before they have an effect can improve your PC experience considerably.

And Restoro is a great DLL repair tool, to begin with.

The wide number of updated DLL files contained in the Restoro database will come once again to help, replacing all the files that require refreshing.

Here are a few examples of DLL errors that Restoro automatically fixes:

➡ System crashes

Restoro can show you important information such as hardware details and the PC’s operating temperature.

The application will also detect files and applications that are frequently crashing and allow you to fix their problems with a single click.

➡ Removes spyware and malware

One of Restoro’s key features is the ability to detect and remove malware, but in addition to removing the malware, it will fix the damage caused by it.

The application will replace corrupted or missing files that were altered or removed by malware.

➡ PC stability improvements

As mentioned above, Restoro will also eliminate malware and viruses for you. However, what differentiates this software from your everyday antivirus?

Well, the answer is simple. Not only will Restoro get rid of the virus and any affected files and repair the damage done, replacing corrupted system files, etc.

Some antiviruses will also remove the threats from your device. However, once you’ve been infected with a virus, even if it has been removed, you’ll often be left with side effects.

Most antivirus software will not be able to deal with these issues, and you’ll be left with crashes, missing files, and other problems. Restoro was designed especially for such situations.

➡ Diagnoses issues automatically

With Restoro on your PC, you will never have to worry about issues appearing randomly or as a result of a power outage, as this software will automatically identify them even before they impact your system.

Once the issues are diagnosed, the app will suggest the best way to resolve them. The suggestions might include various options:

  • Remove the file
  • Replace the file
  • Repair the file

These options will appear suggested depending on the best way to deal with the identified issues, so you don’t need any understanding to resolve it without any risk whatsoever.

➡ Cleans any duplicated or corrupted files

As a result of the previously mentioned feature in which your system is diagnosed, Restoro suggests the fixes. Then, based on your choice, it automatically cleans or replaces the duplicated or corrupted system files.

All you have to do in this situation is click the Start button, wait for the results, and start the fixing process.

➡ Optimizes your system for the best speeds

Sometimes our systems become clogged with a variety of files or remains of bigger files that were removed in the past and thus can significantly affect the speed of your PC.

Given enough time, some systems end up crashing entirely because of file clutter, so the optimization offered by Restoro comes as a breath of fresh air.

This app will refresh your system constantly, without the need for you to worry about this topic. This ensures that the system works optimally and none of your energy is wasted on this process.

How do I fix Windows errors with Restoro?

Fixing issues with Restoro is a simple and almost fully automated process. To fix Windows problems with Restoro, start the application, and it will scan your PC for problems automatically.

Once the scan is finished, you’ll get a report on your screen. You can examine the report and see all issues or threats on your PC.

To fix the issues, click the Start Repair button, and the repair process will start.

The repair process is divided into five categories, and once you start it, it shouldn’t be interrupted. When the process is finished, your PC should return to its original condition.

📌 Restoro doesn’t repair third-party apps

It is important to note that Restoro does not repair other third-party programs, and it exclusively deals with the system’s files only. This is probably what triggers reluctance towards the product in the first place.

But is Restoro a con for only dealing with sys files? Far from it.

This means that the app won’t be able to repair random apps that are malfunctioning. Moreover, even if the tool can remove malware and repair affected files, it is not an antivirus application.

Another thing that Restoro will not be able to fix is hardware issues. However, the preliminary scan will provide you with a profile of your main components and suggest which ones should be replaced.

⚙️ Restoro system requirements

The basis of any system optimizer is to speed up your PC, so it would be counter-productive if it had too many system requirements.

That being said, Restoro is made to be as lightweight as possible, allowing even the most dated of PCs to run it without any issues.

Here are the official Restoro system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 800 MHz or higher (or equivalent),
  • Hard drive disk space: 10 MB free space
  • Memory: 512 MB available RAM
  • Internet connection: Yes

How does Restoro work?

Restoro can be a great tool to have at your disposal as it will not only prevent your system from crashing unexpectedly but is capable of fixing any issue, even before they have any repercussions.

The range of tests and checkups the software does throughout the scan allows the user the sit back and observe the process while offering amazing scan results and also a sure way of fixing the respective issues.

When you start Restoro it will scan your PC for problems. The application will scan for hardware, security, and stability issues, and the entire scanning process lasts about 5 minutes.

In the Compiling Data stage, Restoro identifies the overall status of your system, as this will be used as an information base to check for issues and discrepancies in your system in the later stages.

After this stage, the PC Profile will be created, checking for any issues with your device’s System Configuration and Hardware.

Next, the app will also check for other important elements, like the stability of your PC, its security, and provide you with a useful overview in the Summary section of the scan.

Once the scan is finished, you’ll see a complete overview of your system and its issues. To fix them, you need to click the Start Repair button and wait for Restoro to fix the problem.

Can I use Restoro for free?

Here’s the big question: Is Restoro free? The good news is that there is a free version of Restoro. However, this version can only scan your PC for problems. It cannot fix them.

Even though it can be useful to see all the issues your system has, you will only be able to resolve them easily by getting the paid version of the application.

💸 How much does Restoro cost?

Even though Restoro is not free, the number of features and its efficiency makes it worth every penny in our opinion. If you don’t want to worry about the overall health of your PC, this software offers you the best way to ensure it.

Needless to say, we advise you to go for the Restoro one-time subscription because it’s the most convenient option. Install it once and never worry about it again.

Here are all the license purchase options available:

  • One-time repair license: $28.95
  • 1 license with unlimited use for a single year: $37.95
  • 3 licenses with unlimited use for a single year: $56.95

Some other useful Restoro features

1. Easy to use

One of the best features of Restoro is the ability to fix all the problems with just a single click automatically.

This is especially convenient for less experienced users that want to fix a certain problem quickly.

Here’s a look at how well Restoro can easily replace a lot of other PC utilities:

FeaturesRestoroTypical antivirus toolRegistry cleanersUser-grade technician toolsTechnician's Lab tools
Repair and Rebuild Windows
Virus protection
Virus Removal
Repair virus damage
Fix error messages
Optimize Registry
Hardware repair
Database of new, up to date replacement files
Stop PC from Crashing and Freezing
Convenient repair at any time
Restore, replace DLL files

Between an antivirus, a system optimizer, and user-grade technician tools, Restoro pretty much has all the features needed.

2. Top-level scan results

Restoro offers you a variety of scanning options, as the developers understand that every element is important.

Here is what a Restoro scan will check for:

➡️ Hardware – scans the hardware connected to your motherboard, identifies any issues caused by low memory, and checks the temperature and power of your CPU.

➡️ PC Stability – identifies any applications or services that keep crashing, thus affecting your system’s stability in the long term.

➡️ PC Security – checks for any possible ways in which malware, adware, and phishing elements could infect and destabilize your system.

Keeping tabs on the fluctuations of your hardware’s temperature is extremely important, especially if you overclocked your CPU.

Reaching dangerous temperature levels can damage your PC irreversibly, so Restoro keeps an eye on this element for you.

How does Restoro compare with other PC repair software?

Restoro is one of the best software of this type on the market, and the graph below shows you an overview of some of the competitors and how they stack up on different levels of analysis.

As you can see from the image above, there are some other useful options, but most offer a reduction in the coverage of your PC needs, vary considerably in price, and don’t offer the same level of automation.

Who should use Restoro?

Restoro is a reliable tool that is especially targeted at the following users:

  • Those tired of downloading, installing, and using registry cleaners that never actually work.
  • Those that are particularly interested in their PC’s functionality
  • Those that can’t use their original OS installation disk due to damage or other issues.
  • Those that enjoy a fast and guaranteed solution for system fixes.

Final thoughts on Restoro

Straightforward user interface
Ability to detect and remove malware
Ability to repair malware damage
Can replace damaged or missing system files
Completely automated
Inability to customize settings
Their Customer Support is rather limited

Restoro offers some great features, and the application is almost completely automized, so even less experienced users can easily use it.

With its ability to repair malware damage and restore corrupted or missing system files, it’s one best optimizer applications on the market.

If you’re looking for a straightforward system optimizer that can fix a wide array of problems, Restoro is undoubtedly one of the best applications for that task.

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