Most Windows 10 Anniversary Update issues still present, two months after release

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Microsoft released the second major update for Windows 10, the Anniversary Update OS, two months ago. The update brought a lot of new features and enhancements to Windows 10. We now have improved user interface, better performance options, and a bunch of new features.

Over the course of these two months, millions of Windows 10 users installed the Anniversary Update on their computers. The update brought the innovations mentioned above to all the users who installed it, but not everything is so positive, as the update caused many issues and problems, maybe even more than the previous major update, the Threshold 2 update.

After these two months, we’ve decided to make some sort of a roundup of the most common problems that bothered, or are still bothering Windows 10 Anniversary Update users.

We also need to mention that the issues we’re going to talk about in this article concern only the public version of Windows 10. We are not going to take into consideration the problems bothering Windows 10 Insiders. We have a separate place for those issues.

Most common issues in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Definitely the most widespread problem with the Anniversary Update occurs even before the new Windows 10 version is installed. That’s right, we’re talking about the installation or download fails when trying to upgrade to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Many users have been reporting this problem on Microsoft’s forums since August 2, and reports keep coming in even to this day.

Here’s what some users say about these installation fails:

“My Windows 10 Home desktop machine downloaded the anniversary update this afternoon and completed the first part of the installation process.  It then switched to a screen that says “Working on updates xx%;  Don’t turn off your PC.  This will take a while.  Your PC will restart several times.”

The percentage completion gradually increased to 82% over an hour or so.  It now has been at 82% for about 6 hours.  […]  Is there some way of gracefully exiting the process that is less likely to inflict injury on my operating system or data?”

There are so many ways of fixing update issues in Windows 10, it all depends on the root-cause. You can manually reset the Windows Update Center, you can use a third-party software to download the update, but the solution that’s going to work for sure is manual installation.

As for the other problems, one user recently pretty much summed up the most serious problems in Windows 10 version 1607 on Microsoft’s forums. This user, and many other Windows 10 users, are experiencing problems with long booting, Cortana, the Settings app, UWP apps, user interface, and more:

I have a list of problems after this update.

My PC takes ages to load after I sign in which isn’t normal.
Notification icon is lit up but won’t open by clicking or right clicking and asking it to open.
Windows logo button (bottom left) doesn’t work except by right clicking. There is just a list Programmes, Power, etc. No apps or settings. Run doesn’t work, and neither does search. I’ve not tried all the rest.
Cortana won’t open.

I have Candy Crush pinned to the task bar. That flashes but won’t open. The same with all the Windows apps on my task bar. Less used apps have vanished from the start menu, as has almost everything, such as settings, printer etc.
It would take hours to find what else is wrong. It’s obvious the update was corrupt. I did it on a different PC and at first glance it seems OK.
Reliability Monitor says Applications failure, Windows failure, Misc failures, and then a long list.
Have rebooted, and also a hard turn off then back on.

I can’t access Settings or Update History except in a round about way of trial and error.
My PC is totally screwed up and I’m seriously fuming about it. It’s not my fault and I want it put right without losing anything saved on my apps, such as Candy Crush. I don’t have Facebook so I haven’t save my progress. I’m at level 1605 so I will be very upset if I can’t get back in.
I don’t know what to do.

We have already investigated the majority of these problems, and found solutions for them as well. So, if you’re still experiencing any of the following issues in the Anniversary Update, check out our fix articles below:

Sadly, all these problems are still present in Windows 10, and users are still encountering them. Microsoft released a bunch of cumulative updates, but none of them seem to be able to completely eliminate these issues. However, we hope that our articles helped you to fix at least some of these issues.

How has your Anniversary Update experience been so far? Did you encountered other problems that we didn’t mention here? Tell us more about it in the comment section below.


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After latest Win 10 update —Jan 12th–My worst problem is my two DVD/CD-ROM optical drives come and go. This drives me crazy. I have tried ALL the fixes recommended. After a few reboots the drives have disappeared again. Any ideas at all. As I stated I have tried ALL the published repairs/fixes ….non of them last after two or three reboots….

I’m getting 100% disk usage on two different laptops, slow response, screen orientation automatic change, multi touch mouse intermittently works/ mouse freezing, and some of the same issues other people are having..

I’ve had to restore my Lenovo laptop 4 times in two weeks due to the blank screen issue with the Windows 10 anniversary issue. Downloads, installs, restarts, gets spinning wheel … then nothing. Trying again in a couple of hours with all devices bar the LAN cable unplugged (it’s on hour 2 now of blank screen, no mouse cursor). Tried the sfc /scannow (cmd admin from the power menu Win Key + X) which fixed some errors. Really frustrated – the max time Microsoft allow now before forcing this on you is 2 days – really need my laptop to job hunt!

Microsoft just shut my Windows 10 machine down for an hour and a half this morning to do another “forced update”, without regard for what I might have had running or what work I might have lost. I have now gone to the trouble of finding out how to shut down the Microsoft Update service and enable “metered connection” settings to prevent future updates in the future. I am well aware of the security arguments but “denial of service” is a security issue as well, as is the possibility of a bad patch going out, so I will take my chances with the protection my antivirus software provides. There most certainly have been bad “fixes” which have gone out in the past, and not giving people a choice over whether and when to accept “new features and surprises” as they describe one of their recent updates is unconscionable. I am not interested in “surprises”. I’m not giving Microsoft any more money until they end the dangerous and heavy handed tactic of forced updates.

I said forget this “update” and rolled my build back to when I had zero problems. Problems being my 1070 / 16GB RAM would have high ram issues and games would stutter at times. This update is GARBAGE.

what about the extremely low fps on most games …is 60fps the new target for games my 1070 NOW struggles with fps low frame rate and stuttering like thousands of other people are experiencing