These Windows 10 PC repair tools will revive your old computer

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One of the biggest expectations out of our PCs, even if a tad unrealistic, is to see it perform at peak levels even after years of its use. Fortunately, there sure is a way that can be achieved. For there are a host of PC optimization software available that can infuse some extra zing to your Windows PC to make it livelier than ever before.

Repair your computer with these tools


IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro (recommended)


This comes across as a more affordable option to make things snappier with your old PC. There is a definite performance enhancement while boot-up time too gets better. It offers real-time optimization feature and can also deep-clean your registry to set things in order.

It surely isn’t the best but can still impress with its capability in making even heavily used PCs perform considerably better.


Iolo System Mechanic (suggested)

If there is one software that can make your Windows PC seemingly running on steroids, it’s System Mechanic from Iolo Technologies. It does an excellent job defragmenting your storage so that the files you need most are always at hand.

Plus the registry too is tweaked, as is the CPU and RAM to make them all function as one well-oiled and tuned machinery. Plus, there is no limit to the number of installations as well.

Iolo System Mechanic is one of the 7 software products included in the comprehensive security, privacy and optimization package Phoenix 360. If you are interested, you should definitely take advantage of its current discount from $79.95 to $39.95.


Glary Utilities Pro (suggested)


An excellent all round package comprising of all the tools that you might need to make your Windows PC behave like new even after years of usage. It can improve the boot-up time dramatically while performance too gets a healthy boost. It provides for an easy to use interface as well.

Other salient features of the Glary Utilities Pro software are its excellent privacy protection tool while the driver updater will ensure your system is always running the latest software.




The Tune Up application from AVG will dig deep into your system to introduce some order into the chaos. Be it disk defragmentation or elimination of junk files or those programs that you have never used, the Tune Up utility will do all that is needed to set things in perfect order.

Plus there is a one click system repair facility as well which can be a great asset for those who aren’t too comfy with tech stuff. All that they need to do is click it once and see the performance of their Windows PC improve dramatically.


Symantec Norton Utilities


The name should already be familiar thanks to their exploits in keeping our PC virus free for quite some time now. Expecting the software to perform just as well in sprucing up your old Windows PC, it does impress with its ability to enhance boot-up time significantly.

That said, the software’s ability to improve the overall performance of the PC is just about average. It however does a good job in providing real-time monitoring of your system while its diagnostic consistency is commendable too.


Ashampoo WinOptimizer


The software will definitely impress with its ability in bringing about a positive improvement in the overall performance of your old Windows PC. However, the one area where it impresses most is the boot-up time which gets reduced considerably.

It also comes with a whole lot of tools needed to weed out the old from your PC and usher in fresh new life. That even includes a file encryption feature as well, which will be handy if you need security of your files and data.


PC Mechanic


The PC Mechanic utility does a fairly good job in enhancing the overall performance of a Windows PC though that often comes at the cost of the boot-up time which gets stretched a bit. It also is simple and easy to use, one that is not likely to intimidate users with a plethora of tools and services. Plus, its diagnostic consistency is good too and does a good job in freeing old PC of a lot of clutter.

On the whole, PC Mechanic is the best app to go for if you want your system to perform remarkably better without getting into the nitty-gritties of it.



SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus


It’s another great app that can provide aging PCs with a shot of fresh new life. It is easy to use as well and does all that you’d expect of a PC repair software. That includes repairing Windows registry where needed, defragmenting your hard drive and getting rid of unnecessary junk. It offers data protection feature as well if you are using Windows 10.

That is not all as another unique aspect of SlimWare Utilities SlimCleaner Plus is the community based recommendations that it offers. There are instant alerts as well that lets you have real-time info on the health of your PC. On the whole, an excellent app save for the license limitations that is comes with.


Fix-it Utilities Pro


The biggest improvement that the Fix-it Utilities Pro app can bring to your PC is a remarkably shorter boot-up time. Unfortunately, the overall performance does not experience too big a boost. That said, the software impresses with its diagnostic consistency, which is excellent.

That apart, it comes with all the tools needed for optimizing your system though unfortunately, they fail to do a good job when it comes to bringing about a difference to your PC’s performance. On the whole, an average software with just about average results.


System Cleaner


If you are really concerned with your boot-up time which takes inordinately longer than when your Windows PC was new, the System Cleaner is what you should opt for. Unfortunately, that also is the single biggest USP of the software with its ability to improve the overall performance of your PC at just about average.

However, a huge positive with the System Cleaner is its diagnostic consistency, which is just perfect. But then again, the app is also among the least user friendly.

So there you have it; a compilation of the 10 most useful PC repair tool that can make your PC behave like new again. Sure not all the applications are perfect but can still be impressive enough to push back your desire to acquire a new PC for some more time, thereby saving some serious bucks as well.

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