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Malware is a more generic term given to any type of software that is meant to harm your PC and the information stored on it.

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☠️ What are the primary types of malware?

Depending on how they act, malware can be divided into a multitude of subcategories, including:

Viruses Trojans • Spyware • Ransomware • Adware • Scams

🛡️ How do I remove malware from my PC?

The Windows 10 OS is marvelous in the sense that the built-in Windows antivirus tool is quite solid by itself, but it pales in comparison to its third-party counterparts. Because of this, malware can still cause all kinds of trouble, from deleting your data, to holding it ransom.

That’s precisely why we’ve created this dedicated Hub where we will be discussing how you can remove malware from your PC.

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