30 Essential Skype Guides to Troubleshoot and Fix Errors

On WindowsReport we’ve published an amazing amount of information that was meant to provide guidance when using Skype. Created back in 2003 as a software program to make telephone calls using VOIP, Microsoft’s communication tool has become so much more.

As any other software tool out there, it’s bound to have errors, bugs and whatever other issues consumers encounter upon. We try to provide help in the form of our useful guides. We also explain how to use Skype and all its features, even if you’re a beginner or a more advanced user.

Basic guides to get started

Typing & Messaging

  1. How to turn off autocorrect in Skype -> although apparently a very simply option within Skype, we have a lot of consumers trying to understand how to use auto correct inside. We also try to address in the article why Skype autocorrect won’t work.
  2. Disable spell check in Skype permanently with these solutions -> also relating to fairly standard use within Skype, the annoying spell check has been driving users crazy. In our article we explain how you can disable it for good.
  3. How to save message drafts -> sometimes you might not be able to finish a message, but you also need to make sure you’re not losing it
  4. How to split and regroup Skype windows -> for the productive folks out there, splitting and regrouping lots of windows within Skype is extremely useful
  5. How to share screen on Skype in just a few simple steps -> if you need to show your interlocuttor what exactly you’re trying to point out, make sure to share the screen


  1. How to Add Contacts, Make Voice and Video Calls -> a pretty basic guide that’s meant to help the newbie Skype user get started
  2. How to get 60 minutes of free Skype calls on landlines -> if you intend to use Skype as it was originally thought of, here’s some free minutes
  3. How to enable Split View for Skype on Windows 10 -> to get more done when using Skype, this mode will prove extremely helpful
  4. How to record Skype calls on Windows 10, 8.1, 7-> important Skype conversations and calls need to be recorded, and you can also have a look at some dedicated tools for this
  5. How to enable Skype end-to-end encryption on PC -> if you want to make sure that whatever you’re sharing with others stay secure when using Skype, you definitely need to read the guide about encryption
  6. Skype Background Blur helps you avoid embarrassing situations -> it’s your private life and you know what’s going on in the background, so make sure you’re the single one that sees that
  7. How to make someone a presenter in a Skype conference -> when delivering presentations on Skype, it’s highly useful to be able to switch presenteres


  1. How do I change my Skype account name? -> a basic guide in case you didn’t know so far you can change your name inside Skype
  2. How to uninstall Skype on Windows 10 -> if you got tired of using Skype and you want to say good-bye, read this
  3. Fix: Can’t install Skype in Windows 10 -> if good ol’ Skype won’t let you uninstall it, there must be reason behind; here’s how to fix it
  4. How to update Skype on Windows 10 -> a new version is around and you didn’t get it? Here’s how to update
  5. How to change Skype themes on Windows 10 -> it’s fun to play around with visual inside Skype, so here’s how to use a new theme
  6. What does that Skype exclamation mark in yellow triangle mean? -> the mysterious sign how has an explanation
  7. Use Skype ID to sign into other Microsoft services and applications -> you might not be aware of this, by your Skype ID is already enough to login into other Microsoft services
  8. Make calls without a Skype account -> funny enough, you don’t even need a Skype account to make calls!


  1. Here’s why you can’t add contacts on Skype in Windows 10 -> sometimes an annoying issues might prevent you to add people inside Skype
  2. You can now choose what Skype contacts to receive notifications from -> if somebody’s too annoying, you can silent him

Tips, Tricks & More

  1. How to disable Skype ads on Home menu and chat windows ->we all know about the annoying Bing ads, and here’s how you can kill them
  2. How to remove ‘React to this message’ alerts on Skype -> for seasoned Skype users it’s pretty annoying to be reminded over and over again of this option
  3. How to stop Skype from opening on startup-> when you have a lot of apps that load on start-up, it can become quite heavy on your system, so here’s to to remove Skype from the list
  4. How to prevent Skype from kicking you out of games -> nothing can get more annoying that when you’re playing you’re favorite game and somebody is nagging you with messages
  5. You can now turn off Skype notifications in OneDrive and Outlook -> notifications can become really annoying when you’re focusing on something

iPad users

  1. How to make Skype work on iPad -> although Apple & Microsoft might be rivals, there’s not a problem if you want to run Skype on your beloved tablet

How to use old Skype versions

  1. How to keep using old Skype versions on Windows 10, 8, 7 -> sometimes you just don’t like what’s new, and old works better
  2. How to install Classic Skype on Windows 10 -> the Classic version of Skype can still be revived on Windows 10
  3. This version of Skype will be discontinued soon -> what to do if you don’t want to be running a Skype full of security holes